How to buy an endzone camera

Choosing the best end zone camera for your team may not be as straightforward as you might have thought. You can go directly to one of the more well-known brands, such as Hi-Pod or Endzone Video Systems, simply because you know that other teams use those models with systems like Hudl. However, jumping straight in and buying an end zone […]

Financial Lessons From Professional Athletes

Allan Iverson was once regarded as one of the highest and highest paid athletes in the world, earning more than $ 150 million in salary in his 15 years in the NBA alone. In 2012, both CBS and Forbes reported that he was in serious financial trouble and could not pay his debts. Unfortunately, the stories of the unfortunate professional […]

Game Review – Return of Fire Pro Wrestling

The Fire Pro Wrestling Returns release in North America was on November 13. That’s a little over two years after launch in Japan. After having spent a full two weeks with the game in my possession, I think I can do a non-judgmental review. I am a long time fan of this series, but I can still acknowledge its flaws. […]

Early 2013 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

The first quarterback rankings are being posted all over the web in preparation for the upcoming fantasy football drills. At this early stage, it’s mostly hardcore fantasy owners who are starting to build their ratings. But it’s also these owners who are likely to win their leagues year after year. With that said, here are some early quarterback rankings for […]

Super Bowl LI – Best of all!

The New England Patriots, behind on the scoreboard for most of the game, playing lethargically and without their usual rhythmic style, overcame a large deficit in the third quarter to come back and tie the game in the last minute 28-28 forcing the first overtime. in Super Bowl History. Tom Brady, seemingly out of sync for most of the first […]

A kicker with a ponytail

Spotsylvania High School graduate Lauren Luttrell, a tomboy at heart with her hair up, has her sights set on becoming a kicker for the Virginia Tech Hokies and, if that materializes, the first woman to join the college football team. . Luttrell played soccer for the Spotsy Knights, but her passion for sports and her athletic ability was to become […]

Why it makes sense to attend a referee school

Becoming a referee is a dream profession for most people who love baseball and sports in general. Being on the field, in the middle of the action, calling the game is absolutely exciting. However, the referee is in a very precarious position and must make important and precise decisions very quickly. It takes a calm and cool mind, a keen […]