Big 12 Expansion: Impact on Softball Programs

If you follow college sports, you’ve probably heard that the Big 12 is looking to expand. At first they weren’t going to expand and everyone thought the expansion conversation was dead. Then, in the Big 12 Days for Media, Bob Bowlsby announced that he had been given approval to begin examining two or four potential candidates for expansion. We all […]

What do they do with the striped baseballs?

Have you ever noticed while watching an MLB game, any pitch that hits the ground, the catcher will automatically hold the ball up for the umpire, who takes the scraped ball while giving the catcher a new baseball, then throws the ball scraped to the home team bench. . Did you ever wonder why? Pitchers at the Major League level […]

Hockey greats: three players you should know

Ice hockey is a North American sport that descends from a similar European sport. Like football and baseball, it took root in the New World and became more popular than its ancestor. The game’s official birth dates back to Montreal, Canada, in 1875, where it was played on a court the same size as those used today. In more than […]

GS Warrior MVP this season is Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has everything new around him: a new season and a new coach. Despite all these developments, he has reaffirmed that he is the Most Valuable Player of GS Warriors. New coaching decisions The GS Warriors faced many questions in the 2014-15 NBA season. The team lost a 2013-14 first-round playoff series to the Los Angeles Clippers in seven […]

Bulldozer Trivia: 5 Cool Facts You Need To Know

Bulldozers are heavy duty tractor-like vehicles that are attached with a wide blade system at the front and an optional ripper at the rear. They are primarily used for fine grading, ground leveling, and pushing large piles of dirt or snow. Bulldozers are widely used in many industrial applications such as landfills, construction, quarries, and mining. The blade and ripper […]

Soccer – Coloring Pages Children must have five facts

Soccer Coloring Book Boy, do you love soccer coloring books but don’t know the pig skin game? Coloring football Kid, do you think that five facts about football will help you inform yourself? Let us begin … Football history Soccer fundamentals Organized structure of football Player skill levels Football season 1. History of football American football comes from rugby. The […]

Why do MLB players always get stupidly injured?

Hangnails, paper cuts, neck crunches … annoying and painful little things for everyone, but really these little things are no big deal, we can cut the hangnail, heal the cut, and get out of the crick in a few minutes. But professional baseball players are different. It seems we always hear from players in MLB who miss a game over […]