Harmful Effects of the Sexualization of Children

The children are growing up too fast. They are growing up in a toxic atmosphere of consumerism, media overexposure, and aggressive marketing. The cyber revolution offers free communication and uninhibited visuals that sexualize and objectify children at an early age. Body image and appearance become the main focus. Long before they understand what it is to be a sexual being, […]

10 poems I wrote – loved by many!

‘Stations of Nature’ the four stages, reflecting those ages Of man… and his minions, ‘under trapdoors descending Past mirror balls dusty lights ..until the end, Dream mystic psychopaths bend, Where lavender-scented souls try to repair themselves, At last! Sun!… stunned summer! Fresh splashes of sand-dappled beach castling duels, Smelling grilled banquets inside zinc dumped fools. The zenith of the Sun […]

Top 10 Newspaper Advertising Tips

As much as the internet rules the world these days, it’s important to remember that a massive segment of the population still reads the newspaper every morning. Ignoring the continued relevance of newspapers is a fatal mistake for any business, as you could be missing out on a potentially lucrative demographic of people who don’t spend as much time online. […]

How to set up instant purchase in Magento 2

After enabling Instant Purchase, on the product page, Instant Purchase is below the Add to Cart button once some requirements have been met. You can configure by following steps: Set up Instant Checkout in Magento 2 Step 1: Meet the requirements Step 2: Set up the payment method vault and enable Step 3: Complete the setup Step 1: Meet the […]

Home automation: now spend more time in the kitchen!

Home automation has brought about a revolutionary change in modern habitats. Smart homes have been transformed a lot with smart technology. Whether it’s automatic blinds and lights in the bedroom, a home theater in the living room, or the kitchen area with smart sensors that make your tasks easier and keep you safe, home automation can turn every room into […]

Facebook for Business: Let’s start with the basics

It’s officially spring, and last month we talked about spring cleaning your business; part of which is freshening up your marketing campaigns. There is no doubt that Facebook continues to dominate digital marketing for both online and physical businesses. But are you using Facebook as strategically as you could? This month we are going to focus only on Facebook and […]

Best potty training chairs for kids

The outhouse can be somewhat of an alarming thing to young children, with its terrifying size and ability to remove questions that are never seen again. Youngsters figuring out how to potty train need more than a comfortable seat; They require highlights that help youngsters figure out how to accurately guide each prospective latrine customer to safety. Potty training chairs […]