Can a narcissist love?

Anyone who has ever loved a narcissist wonders, “Does he really love me?” “Does she appreciate me?” They are torn between their love and their pain, between staying or leaving, but it seems they can’t either. Some swear they are loved; others are convinced that they are not. It is confusing, because sometimes they experience the caring person they love, […]

How to Start a Low Cost Home Business

Low-cost start-up business ideas are literally out there, waiting for you to take advantage of them. In fact, there are so many that you may have trouble deciding which one you want. One thing is for sure, there has never been a better time to start a business from home. So the sooner you get going, the better. One of […]

Insurance coverage for the egg / poultry farmer

Like any business owner, a poultry farm owner faces many commercial liability risks. Storms, floods, fires, insect and rodent damage, and equipment are perhaps more real for this industry than others. However, the real threat it represents for these types of farmers is related to the dreaded salmonella bacteria. Salmonella contamination can result in food poisoning. In the case of […]

NFL Post Draft Rookie Ranking – Dynasty Fantasy Football

As is often the case, the NFL draft can have a major impact on the fantasy football luck of the chosen rookies. In the dynasty leagues, it’s all about the rookie draft. Many rookie drafts begin immediately after the NFL draft ends, some wait until later in OTAs, training camp, or preseason to provide the greatest opportunity to assess player […]

Be a foster parent to me?

Should I be a foster parent? You’ve been thinking about becoming a foster parent. You love children and you have a lot to give. Your children have grown up and are away from home or you would love to have a sibling for your child. Maybe you are single and you really want to take care of a child or […]

Cocaine Energy Drinks – Get All Details

Cocaine Energy Drinks The FDA sent out a warning letter to Redux, ordering them to cease production and distribution of Cocaine Energy Drink, also known as the “Bass-O.” This was primarily because of the beverage’s glorification of a dangerous drug and its highly high caffeine level. Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause severe side effects like nausea, drowsiness, upset […]

Reason behind the popularity of streaming devices

The streaming device is the invention that allows private and online access of videos on TV. Different devices come in different shapes and sizes. The streaming device is the excellent choice to meet the all-in-one requirement of daily entertainment routine. There are a handful of streaming devices running on the market, such as Google Chrome Cast, Apple TV, Roku, NVIDIA […]

Retirement and Income Strategies: Retirement Income Sources

Retirement income can come from many different sources, including: CDs and savings, unqualified annuities, investments and qualified mutual funds or plans (401 (k), IRA, 403 (b), etc.) Qualified plans offer a tax deduction and tax deferred growth, and income is taxable when received. Non-qualified plans do not offer tax deduction and perhaps tax deferred growth, with income favored or tax […]