Kennedy Ng’ang’a: artist and philanthropist

A dynamic personality is gaining popularity among many Facebook users around the world, especially those who live and thrive with some of life’s toughest challenges. Philanthropist and artist, Kennedy Ng’ang’a inspires thousands with his captivating personality and warm heart. He paints with bold strokes using his clenched hand to hold the brush. His colorful imagination pours into his art as […]

get rich your way

“Getting Rich Your Own Way” by Brian Tracy is a solid text on how to be successful in your financial affairs. With the advice Tracy gives in this book, the reader can create a road map to financial success. With a little hard work and sweat, the reader can achieve success from that roadmap. Over the years, I have enjoyed […]

Vinha De Alhos (How to Prepare Turkey Portuguese Style)

Alhos Wine In Maui, when Amaryllis met her Portuguese boyfriend, she was introduced to the world of Portuguese cuisine. Her father loved to cook Vinha De Alhos! (pronounced vinga doyzh). Vinha is the vinegar brine used to soak meat or fish before grilling. Four days before Thanksgiving, Richard takes a cleaned, thawed bird and places it in the roasting pan. […]

Halloween Events in the Florida Keys

Looking for the perfect spot for Halloween thrills and chills this October? Comprised of more than 1,700 picturesque islands about 15 miles south of Miami, the Florida Keys boast dozens of breezy, tree-lined beaches, great restaurants and vibrant nightclubs. Plus, each year they host a wide range of family-friendly events that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of Halloween […]

inspirations for fantasy writing

For any type of writing, be it speeches, articles, books, fantasy eBooks, RPG sessions, stories for computer games or movies, anything in essence, it helps to create an active and detailed environment that is portrayed in his work. But this in itself can be an obstacle for many writers, since where do we get our inspiration for not only the […]

Fashion rental services and their effect on the industry

Renting clothing and accessories has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially millennials are big supporters of this trend. In fact, millennials are 3 times more likely to use a clothing rental service than non-millennials. There are many reasons for this behavior. First of all, college debts and the financial crisis make it impossible for young people to buy designer […]

Granite Kitchen Countertops – Beauty and the Beast! Affordable and luxurious at the same time

Granite Countertops: Price, Beauty and Function. Quality granite countertops can be very useful and can make your home look good. Countertops can be used in many parts of your home, not just your kitchen and bathroom. The right countertop can add style and value to your home. You can try using cheap materials or renovate your cheap countertops; But if […]

The Rolls Royce Auto Made in America: Not a Success Story

At one point, the venerable and prestigious Rolls-Royce automobiles were made and manufactured in the USA, the United States of America. However, this early example of marketing and production abroad and away from home was doomed to failure. Just six months after the signing of the historic contract between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, the Rolls-Royce export campaign was underway. […]