How to Book Best Singers for Weddings

Best Singers for Weddings One of the best ways to book singers for your wedding is through a service that specializes in booking the best performers for weddings. Many people dream of hiring an opera singer, or a famous guitarist for the main ceremony. Both types of musicians can add elegance, emotion, and magic to your big day. There are […]

Secrets of the Freemason’s Book – Chamber of Reflection and Alchemy in Masonic Philosophy

CHAMBER OF REFLECTION “So let your heart be perfect with him Lord our God, to walk in his statutes and to keep his commandments … “ 1 Kings 8:61 In accordance with Jewish literature and traditions, great care was taken with the personal condition of each Israelite who entered the temple for divine worship. The Talmud dictated the following requirements: […]

Hamlet’s Tragic Flaw (Hamartia)

Shakespeare is undoubtedly a great literary figure of his time. His contribution to theater and other literary terms is excellent and unforgettable. It is useless to criticize that person. Christopher Marlowe, one of the university witnesses, gave few dramas to the time but enriched it with such a literary term. His dramas are watched and read with great curiosity around […]

Why Married Men Masturbate (Part 2)

In Part 1, I discussed how rats destined for college learning experiments can be motivated to perform by starving them to just 85% of their normal body weight before an experiment. Wives unconsciously follow a similar logic when sharing sex with their husbands. By keeping him in a state of “scarcity” regarding sex, she can more easily manipulate him. And […]