Interview with children’s picture book author Susan Chodakiewitz

Susan Chodakiewitz is a writer, composer, and producer. She is the founder of Booksicals Children’s Books-Furthering a love of reading through the arts. Through her company Booksicals, she has created the Booksicals on Stage literacy program, which currently hosts musical performances of the picture book Too Many Visitors for a Little House at schools, libraries and at special events. Too […]

Short poem – Why am I here!

Analysis and introduction of short poems This is a very personal poem. I wrote it during a time when I felt like the only thing people around me cared about was how I looked and the amount of success I was having, while being completely unaware that there is a Soul living in my body, forgetting that I am a […]

Top 5 Ryan Adams Songs

I had my iTunes randomly and it just happened to play several Ryan Adams songs in a row. This singer-songwriter writes amazing lyrics that are smart and sincere. He made me think of what a great singer-songwriter he is and I thought I’d put together a list of the songs I love. I realize he has a lot more great […]

Movie Review – Hugo (2011) (PG)

The mystery of the mechanical man The genius of Martin Scorsese Hugo It’s not just that it employs the latest in film technology, but that it employs them in a story about how cinema itself came to be. This is a subject close and dear to Scorsese, who, in addition to directing and producing, is recognized for his work as […]