Three Poems – Villanelle, Pantoum, Terzanelle

Poem for Oscar Wilde (Villanelle) Against the British philistinism that Oscar Wilde devised, And he loved the saints approaching the perfection of God. In prison, through the poet San Francisco his soul revived. Of a poetic life, by Isaacson, he was deprived. To Bosie he addressed a letter wanting to praise Christ. Against British philistinism Oscar Wilde devised. Hearing that […]

Dora the Explorer is a Leadership Coach

Dora the explorer is my heroine!!!!! Although I’m a huge fan now, I have to admit I haven’t always been so positive about Dora. That’s right folks, I’m an ex-hater of the precocious little lady who brings joy to the hearts of millions of boys and girls around the world. Before you get mad, let me explain… You see, I […]

Stretching – Increase height to be a model

So you want to be a model? Does stretching increase height and help you become a model? Models weren’t born to have long legs and a slim body. Being a model requires discipline, perseverance and hard work. Models get their long, sexy body through diet, sleep, and exercise. Yes, these are the three main factors that contribute to your perfect […]

Collect boxing memorabilia

The Greeks originally introduced an ancient form of boxing at their Olympic games around 688 BC. C., although sport only began to prosper years later in Roman times. Boxers in those days, or to be more precise, pugilists did not have access to gloves, helmets and other protective gear like boxers do today, the hand covering used in those days […]

Conservatism is the new counterculture

When people say I have “values,” what are they talking about? “Values” are the principles we hold dear. Values ​​are characteristics that we find admirable in ourselves and in others. When someone says they have “religious” values, it usually means they have a more “conservative” or “traditional” view of reality. Going out of their way to refrain from alcohol, encourage […]

The history of craft beer is impressive

Today’s Ruhstaller Beer represents itself as a revival of the Ruhstaller Brewery of the late 1880s, both of which have a Sacramento beer and hop heritage. But similarities continue between past and present with the strong commitment to locally sourced ingredients and quality. Today’s Ruhstaller’s has a California ingredients list that shows almost exclusively California sources. Ruhstaller Brewery of the […]

Brazilian wedding traditions

Brazilian weddings are rich in tradition and culture. They are usually very expensive and the parents of the bride usually pay for the wedding, but that is becoming less common due to the total cost. Brazil is a Christian nation and therefore has several customs similar to other Christian regions; however, there are some traditions that are different. Wedding rings […]