Gold is your best bet, this season!

Gift shopping requires a fair amount of brainstorming, and when it comes to little munchkins, you know what kind of trouble you’re in for. You can find various options for toys, but nothing compares to beautiful old gold jewelry. Children’s bracelets, earrings or bracelets, made of gold, make up one of the best gifts in our country. Especially in India, […]

The evils of pesticides

A pesticide is a “chemical preparation to destroy pests, also called a biocide, which is “any chemical that destroys life by poisoning.” The definition of poison is “a substance to destroy life or health.” Why pesticides are they bad?they are synthetic (not naturally occurring) chemical poisoning and deterioration of the health of the entire Earth, including man himself. Man vs. […]

How much house can you afford?

If you want the happiest experience from home, doesn’t it make sense to avoid the unnecessary stress and strain/hassle of buying a place beyond your comfortable financial means? In my more than 15 years as a licensed real estate seller in New York State, I have come to believe that the happiest homebuyer is almost always the one who buys […]

MMAM – Misunderstood Mixed Martial Arts

I was listening to the Bob Grant show on WABC Talk Radio a few weeks ago and overheard some of the listeners talking about mixed martial arts competition and specifically the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Words like barbaric, meaningless, and violent were thrown at Bob Grant, who had never heard of this type of competition. He promised to take a […]

The best dubbing albums of all time

Although I’m not going to go too deep into an explanation of dub, let me start with a simple definition. By dub, I mean the unique Jamaican style of remixing music in which vocals are largely removed, healthy measures of reverb and delay (echo) are applied to drums (especially hi-hats and snares) and rhythm instruments, and soloists. Random sound effects […]

Digitization: the game changer for SMEs

Operating efficiently is one of the main reasons for running a successful business. However, ensuring that all operations run smoothly is often easier said than done, especially when business owners have to handle all the work at once. If you are wondering what the solution is to achieve greater efficiency, digitization could be the answer. Companies must adapt current business […]

Some popular tiles for floors and walls

glass tiles: There are a wide variety of decorative glass tiles on the market today and they are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Glass tiles are an excellent option to give a decorative design to interior and exterior surfaces. They come in a wide selection of colors and patterns to add a decorative touch to kitchens, bathrooms, hotel […]