Setting and using timers with DISH is simple

A DISH timer is your instruction that tells the receiver what programs you want to watch in the future. For most ERDs (External Recording Device) or VCRs, you select a specific program on a specific channel and tell the receiver how often you want to record that program. Make sure to configure the receiver to control your VCR. There are […]

Criminal harassment in Canada

This article is an overview, in simple terms, of the requirements for proof of a criminal harassment charge in Canada. For a more complete understanding of how this relatively new criminal law has been interpreted by Canadian courts, reference should be made to legal information websites that recite actual court decisions and academic legal literature on what is a somewhat […]

Big 12 Expansion: Impact on Softball Programs

If you follow college sports, you’ve probably heard that the Big 12 is looking to expand. At first they weren’t going to expand and everyone thought the expansion conversation was dead. Then, in the Big 12 Days for Media, Bob Bowlsby announced that he had been given approval to begin examining two or four potential candidates for expansion. We all […]

How to Start Your Own Mortuary Transport Business

Mortuary Transport Business The first step to starting a mortuary transportation service is to decide where you want to operate. There are several different types of businesses that provide this service. To ensure that you are entering a competitive market, do your research and conduct feasibility studies. A standard company will include two or more key staff members, a chief […]

Secure Online Meetings

Online Meetings To avoid compromising sensitive business information, it’s important to set up Secure Online Meetings to ensure that no one else can hear your conversation. Many cybercriminals are clever enough to disguise malicious links as trusted vendors. By disabling login credentials for attendees, you can protect yourself from unwanted visitors. Another way to keep your meeting safe is to […]

Forces that move stock prices

Among the most important forces affecting stock prices are inflation, interest rates, bonds, commodities, and currencies. Sometimes the stock market reverses suddenly, typically followed by published explanations worded to suggest that the writer’s keen observation enabled him to predict the market’s turn. Such circumstances leave investors somewhat in awe and awe at the infinite amount of ongoing factual information and […]

Factors to consider when buying bedding

Bedding is an essential item found in every home in the world. What makes these items so special is that they are responsible for ensuring that your bed looks beautiful and that you sleep comfortably. These items are available as sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases, designed to give your room the perfect finish. The first decision you will have to […]