What is the difference between a criminal matter and a civil matter?

This is a good question. They ask me more than any other question. These are examples of criminal matters: Thefts, rapes, murders, all thefts, robberies, dui, batteries, sex crimes, etc. These are examples of civil matters: Property repossession, repossessions, rental disputes, etc. The best way to find out if a charge, accusation, or matter is civil or criminal in nature […]

The history of Facebook

The founder of Facebook is Mark Zucherberg. He was just a sophomore at Harvard University when he created ‘thefacebook.com’. That was in 2004 and in 2005, the domain name was bought for $ 200,000 and was already known as ‘Facebook’. Back then, membership was only limited to Harvard University students. In the site’s first month, roughly half of Harvard’s population […]

Sales 101: Learning About Price vs. cost

Ever since there have been documented records, there have been merchants, or as we are called in the modern vernacular, sellers. People want things. People need things. Considering that there will always be a public demand for something, there will always be a need for sellers! It has been said that “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” This is absolutely […]

The end of raw materials

After college, my first car was a Toyota Corolla hatchback. The engine was a very well designed piece of machinery. I wish I could say the same for the body panels, which quickly took on the look of rusty Swiss cheese; the holes widen year after year. Thanks to these episodes, automobile manufacturers began to use galvanized steel: the body […]

Furniture types

Sofa sets The living room should be a place where we feel totally comfortable. The best investment in the home, the perfect sofa set should combine great style, flawless construction, and high-quality materials. Explore our versatile range, from traditional style Chesterfields to modern tuxedo sofas. Sofa Cum Bed Excellent space savers, our sofa beds with their simple mechanism allow you […]

Washable Dog Beds – No More Smelly Dog Beds

Many beds get drool from a dog’s mouth, mainly when playing with toys or chewing on its bones. While some dog beds accumulate pieces of canine bone, which can result in a very unhealthy appearance. From personal experience, he used to have a bed that he didn’t know how to wash. This bed cost me a fortune and was filthy […]