Yorkie Terrier Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Does your dog have intestinal problems? Bowel problems can manifest as lots of gas, diarrhea, and possibly blood. This can also come under the heading of digestive problems. The saying that “Life and death” begins in the colon. That doesn’t just apply to humans, but also to dogs. Many dogs live a very uncomfortable daily life with these digestive problems. […]

Can we get a puppy, can we please?

The basics of puppy care They are cute and cuddly and everyone loves them. Their eyes are bright and inquisitive, and their tails move at 100 miles per hour. Who doesn’t want a new puppy? Getting a puppy can be a great addition to the family, but it’s important to remember that they are just babies and will require a […]

What is canine separation anxiety?

Most dogs develop a deep, loving bond with their owners, so it makes sense that they’ll miss you when you’re gone; however, there is a difference between this natural, healthy emotion and a much deeper problem. If your dog tries to leave the house when you’re not around or shows serious problems because you’re not around her, she may be […]

How to take care of your pet dog

He will be there by your side, as your loving partner; he will offer you protection if the need ever arises. Pet dog owners, in turn, need to know how to care for and be responsible for their pet dog. The dog’s needs are simple and easy to follow. When puppies come home they need a lot of love and […]

How my cat taught me unconditional love

Imagine: It’s the first blizzard of a winter in Northern Ontario. A boy is walking home from school when he notices a small kitten struggling through the snow towards him. He is obviously lost. This scene took place in 1996. The boy was my nephew. She couldn’t ignore the shivering kitten, so she took it home, even though her father […]

Learn the Biggest Lesson Complaint Deals and Losses

The death of a loved one and the grief that follows teach many lessons. Perhaps the most important is that pain is the signal to embark on a new path in life. This is a double-barreled lesson. First, we often have to decide to do some things that we hadn’t previously thought of, or never tried before. And second, just […]

Advantages of raising a rabbit: an exotic pet

It is a known fact that many people consider keeping pets of different types for their own personal reasons. Dogs are among the most common animals that people consider pets; after all, they are known to be man’s best friends. You may also see people with cats and birds as part of their household. But apart from these animals, there […]

Get out the damn place!

Get out, I say! One; two, why then it’s time not to. My skin is cloudy. Granted, probably not exactly how the Bard would have written it, but I bet it’s exactly what Lady Macbeth was trying to say. Men always misunderstand women, why? Of course her skin was cloudy! After 35, even with the best home care, you need […]