Penultimate eleven tracks from great rock albums

Neither conference championship game was very exciting, as New England defeated Pittsburgh and Atlanta dismantled Green Bay. All football fans hope that the Super Bowl will prove to be more exciting. What would really be nice is to have a contest much like the ones that set up conference championship matchups, when the Packers beat the Cowboys on a last-second […]

How to live the Monte Carlo lifestyle on a credit crunch budget! Investment properties on the French Riviera

Monaco: This mythical principality is a magnet for the world’s rich and powerful who gravitate towards this 2 km independent state (the second smallest after Vatican City) attracted by its famous tax laws, the high levels of security provided by its incredibly efficient police force and the glitzy and glamorous social life on offer. Here you can be sure to […]

Five interesting facts about the USC Trojans and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Pat Haden

Pat Haden had a relatively short NFL career, but he was a memorable player. He starred at the University of Southern California, winning two national championships and reaching three Rose Bowls, including being named co-MVP of the 1975 Rose Bowl. He then had a productive career in the pros before turning to broadcasting, earning his law degree and eventually returning […]

Dazzling districts of Paris, France

When you make the decision to move to France, you will find that you have many districts and neighborhoods to choose from that will offer you everything from beautiful homes to excellent schools for your children. Paris is located in the north of France, on the banks of the Seine River, and is one of the most populous areas in […]

boyfriend gifts for valentine’s day

Sorry ladies, but most men receive faulty genetic instructions from their deoxyribonucleic acid (more commonly known as DNA). While most women love receiving romantic gifts, many men do the opposite. However, you may not need to rub the romance in when looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend. A lot of this depends on the groom. There are plenty […]

5 ways to avoid having a cheesy and unprofessional website

I learned several successful marketing methods by writing articles online. The same rules apply to commercial websites. Writing useful content on your business website, to give your readers something of value, will help drive more traffic and lead to business success. It will also give your website a professional look. Here are five ways to achieve that non-cheesy, professional-looking website. […]