The history of Candlewick glassware

An often sought after line of glassware, Candlewick glassware is identified by its small glass beads woven into the pattern. Elegant and beautiful, Candlewick has become family heirlooms passed down through the generations. Candlewick glassware had its humble beginnings in Ohio in the mid-1930s. The Imperial Glass Company opened its doors in 1904 in Bellaire, Ohio, under the direction of […]

14 days: Best of Kenya Safari

Kenya is sometimes described as the world in short. This is due to the large number of geographical features, historical sites, different species of animals, a variety of birds, and the 42 tribes that live together. Most of these things found in Kenya can only be found in various countries in different parts of the world, but if you go […]

Sedona Luxury Resort and Spa Vacations

Add a touch of elegance and charm to your next vacation by visiting a luxury resort in the beautiful surroundings of Sedona Arizona. The bright red color of Boynton canyon walls, deep clear blue sky and golden desert add a glorious intensity that will satisfy your senses. Planning an adventure vacation to go camping or hiking in the Grand Canyon? […]

3 Amazing NCAA Schools With Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships

How many NCAA teams have won men’s and women’s basketball championships? As interesting as the teams that are on the list, are the teams that are not. On the men’s side, the Duke powerhouse has won three men’s championships (1991, 1992, 2001), but their female counterparts have lost their two NCAA championship games (1999, 2006). Meanwhile, while Tennessee women’s basketball […]

Setting and using timers with DISH is simple

A DISH timer is your instruction that tells the receiver what programs you want to watch in the future. For most ERDs (External Recording Device) or VCRs, you select a specific program on a specific channel and tell the receiver how often you want to record that program. Make sure to configure the receiver to control your VCR. There are […]