Consulting – How to dress to impress

The English saying “Clothes make the man” could perhaps be seen as a business or fundamental truism, and in no industry is this more evident than in the consulting industry, where appearance and perception are everything. Consulting as an industry relies heavily on reputation and branding, regardless of size. Whether your business is one of the global Big Four, such […]

The narcissistic mother’s accomplice

Narcissistic mothers and enabling fathers When kids don’t stand a chance Narcissistic mothers don’t have children for the right reasons. They are not nurses. They have no maternal instinct or genuine love to give. For the narcissistic mother, the children represent a captive narcissistic supply. Because the survival of a young child is in her hands, she expects to be […]

Pilates Exercises for the Intermediate Level

Welcome to this series of intermediate Pilates exercises for all Pilates practitioners/people who have been exercising regularly and are strong enough to take it to the next level. Remember to keep the basic principles of Pilates active throughout these exercises. Stick with doing just a few reps but in great form instead of many hasty, haphazard, but less than perfect […]

Investor So Moved By Holocaust Documentary That She Writes First Book On It

After reading Anne Frank’s diary, watch the movie “schindler’s list“And watching various documentaries about the Holocaust, I visited the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills, MI, and was very moved by how the Holocaust not only impacted the Jewish people but greatly impacted the entire world. I suspect that my visit to the museum may have had the same effect on […]