Porn and the Christian woman

When you think of the word “porn,” does it conjure up the image of a scruffy guy with messy hair in the basement watching porn in his underwear? The truth is, although I receive many requests for prayer and advice from men who are slaves to pornography, I recently had an encounter with a pretty young woman who was struggling […]

Addicted to Reiki initiations

Some people have a tendency to get addicted to Reiki initiations and I have come across more than several of them in the last two months. These people think that if they can get to the next level of attunement, their life will improve, they will become a more effective practitioner, they will be better able to address certain conditions, […]

Why is snowboarding so addictive?

The sport of snowboarding has seen massive growth in recent decades. Twenty years ago there were few snowboards on the slopes. It was seen as a rebellious fringe sport. Skiers viewed snowboarders as little more than a nuisance that routinely got in the way up the mountain. Now, there are as many snowboarders, if not more, on the mountain as […]