Marriage Separation – Do You Need One?

Did you know that a marital separation can actually save a marriage? Did you know that many couples break up to let things cool down because of a big argument that they can’t seem to resolve while living together? The fact that you separate does not necessarily mean that the marriage is over. You see, if you create distance and […]

Popular Brands of Bamboo Underwear in Australia

Popular Brands of Bamboo Underwear If you’re looking to make a switch from cotton underwear, there are a lot of brands in Australia embracing bamboo fabrics. They are breathable and have handy micro-gaps that allow the skin to breathe. Australian eco-friendly underwear label nat’v basics is all about making hardworking pieces that are designed to go places. They use recycled […]

Dream Interpretation: what does an empty pool mean?

Many people see an empty swimming pool in their dreams. This dream scene represents maturity. It indicates that the dreamer finally understood something very important and stopped being superficial. How could I come to such a conclusion? I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through the interpretation of dreams. I learned to translate the […]

Divorce Recovery Mindset Option No. 5: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize Or Get Distracted By Emotions?

Exactly what Is the award? The Divorce Transition Process generally goes through three distinct stages: (1) Getting divorced, (2) Recovering from the divorce, and (3) Establishing a new life as a single person. Each stage has distinctly different goals, or “awards.” The objective of the Divorce Stage is: Obtain DISENGAGED. The goal of the Divorce Recovery Stage is to: Dissolve […]

Arizona Dream Bluray Review

Nearly 20 years before the overhyped dream-centric Inception, Emir Kusturica directed Johnny Depp in the surreal comic fantasy Arizona Dream. The film was produced by Claudie Ossard (Delicatessen/Amélie) and is typical of the kind of bizarre arthouse movies Depp used to appear in regularly before finding mainstream appeal as a Disney pirate. The plot, such as it is, follows the […]

The Sedona Method – How to Change Bad Habits and Overcome Addiction

The Sedona Technique has been helping people successfully recover from many types of obsessions since 1973. It is a complete system in itself and is highly complementary to all the different types of obsession help including twelve step, counseling, mindfulness and detox programs. You need to use the Sedona System to help you: * Overcome obsession with alcohol and alcoholism. […]

Festival Chic for Plus Size Women – Top 5 Tips – Summer Fashion Trends

No, we are not talking about wellies at Glasto, don’t panic! We are using Festival Chic in a fashion trend rather than in a literal sense! We’re talking about that kind of carefree, laid-back, effortless look that glossy magazines would have you believe everyone rocks at summer festivals. (The reality is, most are probably wearing oversized sunglasses to cover up […]

How to stop restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a very uncomfortable feeling. I’ve dealt with it for many years, so I know what it’s like. There is a home remedy that can end restless leg syndrome. It is by detoxifying your body. Detoxifying my body has helped me a lot. Restless legs syndrome can affect your daily performance and can prevent you from getting […]