Five key elements for a quality asphalt road

When it comes to asphalt roads, whether for commercial or residential properties, there are five key elements that make or break their reliability and longevity. Specifically for commercial properties, a good asphalt installation job is vital for several reasons. Not only does it make the investment worth it, but it protects drivers and pedestrians entering business premises because there are […]

Flood Damage Insurance Claims

When you have true flood damage versus water damage in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, it is important to know what your insurance policy covers in terms of various water flood scenarios. Your water damage claim may be rejected due to incorrect terminology or coding. Be an informed consumer and read your policy carefully. Insurance companies generally do not cover natural […]

The will to face the challenge

The boss calls and tells him that the report he needs next week is due tomorrow. Your child has “forgotten” until now that he has an important homework project for tomorrow. You are forced to help them. These are just a couple of simple but fairly common challenges that most people face on a regular basis. They are external, so […]

What is SEO? Search engine optimization

Whenever I mention SEO, people always ask, what is SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your landing page or website for the Google search engine. The Google search engine uses an algorithm to search for a couple of different things in order to include a website in the results when a […]

James Brennan – Stingaree

Human beings are believed to be inherent risk takers – we survive and thrive on risk. This couldn’t be more true of James Brennan, who revolutionized the San Diego club scene with the opening of the trendy and exclusive Stingaree nightclub in 2005. “They told us we were funny when we spent $ 7 million on Stingaree,” he revealed. “But […]