Don’t Buy Tax Lien Certificates Until You Read This!

Some real estate gurus make investing in tax bonds look like a sure thing. That you are guaranteed to get huge interest rates and that is “government guaranteed”. Unfortunately for you, they leave out some facts and are stretching the truth quite a bit. First, you need to understand that tax sales are auctions, and in most states those extremely […]

Choose a jazz band for your party

In many years of organizing jazz bands for all kinds of events, I am struck by the similarity in how most of our clients apply. It goes something like this: “We’re looking for a jazz band to play at our wedding/book launch/family fun day/60th birthday/store opening, etc.” … oh yeah, we say, what style of jazz band?”…”Eh, I’m not too […]

Explanation of the dangers of condominiums

Condominiums have grown to become a major habitat in urban centers across North America. Touted as a carefree lifestyle housing alternative, they have become very popular, especially over the last 10 years or so. Single people, couples without children, and retirees seem to be particularly drawn to them, mainly because of the convenient amenities in and around them. However, for […]

When is it necessary to pressure wash?

Pressure washing is the term applied when you use a high pressure washer to clean surfaces or prepare surfaces for painting. Pressure washing can be done by a professional company or homeowners can rent or purchase mechanical sprayers to do this job. • Pressure washing can help remove loose paint from the side of a house before painting. Using a […]

2018-The best time to invest in Kolkata real estate

Kolkata’s lanes have seen a gradual change with each passing day, where old structures were replaced by modern buildings supported by other infrastructure development. Today, the city, in addition to being recognized for its culture and architecture, has become an IT hub that includes business and financial sectors. With a growing population of the city (around 14.8 million) and optimal […]