Five Star Painting – One of the Top 25 Franchises

From simple beginnings over a decade ago to a franchise chain operating in more than 40 locations throughout the United States and Canada, Five Star Painting is one of the most capable and knowledgeable painting companies in North America. They specialize in interior and exterior residential painting for any home in any climate, regardless of its size, shape, or scope. […]

Things to consider before renting a property

If in case you cannot sell your house, it is a better option to rent it. The lease will actually still earn some income from that investment. Although finding a good tenant can be a daunting task, it can be easier if you know the basics before you rent your property. The article analyzes the main things that a landlord […]

Is Cleveland the new Phoenix for wholesale houses?

Is Cleveland, Ohio, replacing Phoenix, AZ as the next popular and most profitable destination for wholesale houses? Phoenix, Arizona, quickly rose from the ashes of the foreclosure crisis, attracting global investors and huge hedge funds looking to capitalize on discounts on bargain-priced foreclosed homes. This put the city firmly on the real estate investment map as one of the hottest […]

Dental Lasers vs. Litigation: Estate Planning and Dental Care Comparisons

Proper orientation of the patient is key before dental laser surgeries are performed. The same is true for the preparation of the will. Before lengthy court disputes or costly laser dental procedures, the individual has the option of learning the essentials and implementing the best options for her needs. Estate planning services provide clients with the opportunity to learn more […]

A good real estate letter is the real deal.

It seems I’ve written at least a couple hundred real estate letters in the last year. So it may surprise you when I say “I hate writing letters.” Writing for me is a knot in my stomach, a tension in my fingers, a wrinkle on my forehead, a harrowing experience. I guess that’s why I avoid writing them as often […]

Home improvements during a recession? makes “cents”

The housing market may be deep in this recession, but that doesn’t mean homeowners are, or should be, checking their pockets tight when it comes to remodeling their existing homes. Smart homeowners know that in this buyer’s market, fixer-up homes can’t compete with a glut of affordable, foreclosed, and bank-owned properties; it makes sense to make your home as marketable […]