Levels of BIM Modeling

BIM Modeling BIM can be used for different types of projects. The levels of BIM model maturity are 0 to 6D. Each level represents a specific set of criteria and represents a different level of project maturity. The levels also have different requirements, making it important to decide which one is best for your project. By understanding these levels, you’ll […]

The success rate of Russian-American marriages

Despite all possible obstacles and cultural differences, the vast majority of Russian-American marriages are successful. Accurate statistics are difficult to collect for a number of reasons. First, most census reports do not keep statistics using the categories of Russian women and American men. Second, Russian-American marriages are a recent phenomenon for the most part. Most of them have only taken […]

Commercial Real Estate Financing with Many Ways to Qualify

Commercial Real Estate Financing It is currently being used for many different types of profitable business enterprises: office buildings, retail outlets, apartment complexes, storage facilities, and the list continues to grow. Today, commercial loan rates remain reasonable enough to capitalize on the hotel / motel industry as well; Investors are also using business loans to purchase storage unit facilities across […]

Land purchase considerations

If you are looking to buy land, there are several important items to consider. Which is the cost from the earth? If I pay $ 1,000,000 for 10 acres to build a mall, is that cost within my budget? Or is $ 500,000 the most I can afford and still have a profitable project? The rental does it work for […]

The cost of building a house in Cyprus

Building a home today is a decision that entails high costs, financing and construction problems, delays in delivery and quality problems, titles, delays in construction permits, etc. Building a house is an investment decision, which must be studied carefully, since most families have built a house once in their life and the final decision in most cases can be irreversible. […]

Become a mentor: have one hand up and one hand down

Mentoring, pass it on Success is hard … once you get there, chances are you have benefited enormously from a large number of teachers, mentors, entertainers, and high achievers who took the time to share ideas and brainstorm ideas with you, and they served you as advisers or probes. -boards or partners. I have learned that mentoring and helping others […]