Investor So Moved By Holocaust Documentary That She Writes First Book On It

After reading Anne Frank’s diary, watch the movie “schindler’s list“And watching various documentaries about the Holocaust, I visited the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills, MI, and was very moved by how the Holocaust not only impacted the Jewish people but greatly impacted the entire world. I suspect that my visit to the museum may have had the same effect on […]

How do I get rid of dog smell from my mattress?

Is your mattress starting to smell like a wet dog? This is nothing new in the mattress cleaning business. Many people sleep with their pet dogs. Since dog hair can easily collect dirt, sweat and grime, your dog can transfer all of that onto your mattress and it will start to stink. The first thing you should consider is getting […]

Fantasy Soccer – Summer Transfer Window – Part 4

The summer transfer window is set to bring big changes and an overwhelming amount of speculation, as it does every year. Below is the fourth installment in an article series examining the speculation and fantasy relevance of every possible move. David Villa-Valencia: Villa is one of the main targets this off-season as it looks like he is destined to leave […]

Animals = Zen Masters?

My chiropractor, Tony, and I had a big discussion this week about the nature of the relationship between animals and humans. He shows dogs and is passionate about the animal-human connection, performing chiropractic adjustments on both dogs and their owners at the dog shows he attends. He said that dogs and humans blend into his physical aspects, so if the […]

colorful life

As is known, tastes differ. When someone fixes up his house, he can show his own color predilections. And still, when you encroach on the “color power”, you must first learn its laws and orders in more detail. Each color has its own character and order. The visual image of our house is made up of many components. Furniture was […]