How Does Seniority Affect Severance Pay in Ontario?

Seniority Affect Severance Pay in Ontario When an employer decides to let go of an employee, it can be a stressful time for everyone involved. The shock of losing a job can create a rush of emotions from the sudden loss of income to the uncertainty of where to go next in life. For employees in Ontario, this can also […]

Who Pays Severance Pay?

Pays Severance Pay With news stories of layoffs and company closures on the rise, many Americans worry about losing their job. Fortunately, if you are laid off, fired or terminated, you may be offered a severance package. While severance packages vary, they generally consist of a lump-sum payment and outplacement services that help you find a new job. How much […]

What is the role of a Maui fire lawyer?

role of a Maui fire lawyer The role of a Maui fire lawyer is to advocate for homeowners who have been forced to leave their homes because of a wildfire. They need compensation for lost possessions and to make sure the companies responsible are held accountable. Those seeking compensation may have claims against their homeowners’ insurance policy or a lawsuit […]

So, are you a law aspirant in India? Keep reading!

The legal profession in India has undergone crucial and significant change in recent decades. In today’s scenario, aspiring lawyers are not just confined to the courts but are easily found serving in various corporate houses, legal agencies, law firms, litigation, administrative services, etc. Conventionally, legal practice in India has been a male-dominated field. But now times have changed. Over the […]

Discover Foods That Help Constipation Get Things Moving Again

Foods that help constipation… In fact, for an unfortunate four million Americans, constipation is a chronic problem, and of course, if you’re one of the four million, you’re probably less concerned with what’s caused you to get constipated than with how to get things moving again. So, let’s discuss foods that help constipation. Make friends with fiber. Start your road […]

Music Director Devi Sri Prasad Biography and Filmography

Devi Sri Prasad, a well-known music director in the South Indian film industry, was born on August 2, 1982 in Vedurupaka, a small town in East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh and later moved to Chennai along with his father and famous writer Satyanand. Devi started her career as a musician with her debut album “Dance Party”. Later, MSRaju gave him […]

the third hand

“No man has seen the third hand that springs from the center, close to the heart…” (from the poem “Mystique” by David Ignatow) While not something I write about explicitly, I had an experience several years ago that changed my life. When I was in law school I was severely depressed. Since then, thankfully, I have recovered but have not […]

Family lawyers: their roles and responsibilities

The last 50 years have seen a dramatic change in the American family and the way it is built. Divorce has increased among US citizens. More people are choosing to live together rather than sign a marriage license before moving in together. The recent approval of same-sex marriages by voters in many states indicates an acceptance of “blended” families of […]