The most effective ways of marketing for law firms

What are the most effective forms of legal marketing? We are currently at the tipping point of using technology to market law firms. Law firms are just beginning to use blogs and many are beginning to understand how to use websites effectively for marketing. The key indicator is that companies are starting to list the industries they serve on their […]

Bronx Criminal Lawyers – Highly Experienced

The criminal defense attorneys in Bronx County, New York City are some of the best-trained attorneys in the country. The vast majority of criminal defense attorneys practicing in the Bronx were trained at The Legal Aid Society, The Bronx Defenders, or the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. The Legal Aid Society and Bronx Defenders provide defense attorneys for indigent people accused […]

Bus Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

People can be injured when they are involved in any type of motor vehicle collision, including bus accidents. Bus accidents are different from other accidents because several different factors are involved that are not involved in your standard car or truck accident. For example, passengers are often not wearing their seatbelts, while other times they are simply not available. This […]

5 Tips for Staying Calm During a Divorce Hearing

You’ve hired a lawyer, maybe you’ve attended mediation, and now you’re going to your first divorce hearing. It may be a hearing for temporary custody or temporary alimony, or it may be that you have skipped the temporary hearings and go directly to the custody or support lawsuit. Either way, I’m sure you’re nervous and a little unsure about what’s […]

Timeshare and how to cancel or get out of it

Timeshare is a form of shared ownership contract commonly associated with vacation and recreational condominium ownership. Rights are granted to more than one owner to use the property during a specified period each year. It is very popular in vacation spots around the world. By signing the timeshare purchase contract, you agree to pay the owner a certain amount of […]

Sale of Goods, and the Applicability and Advantages of the Uniform Commercial Code

In the United States, contract law is almost exclusively the domain of the States, ie. each individual state has its own contract law jurisprudence, and there would certainly be state-specific contract law rules. The United States has a fairly consistent and standardized commercial code for the sale of goods. All states except Louisiana have adopted the Uniform Commercial Code (the […]