Define your position: values, ethics and leadership

Some call it wearing your heart on your sleeve; others call it carrying your emotions. If the discussion is about values ​​and ethics, leaders should use them openly, constantly encouraging, mentoring, and training others to operate within the values-based and ethical standards expressed by the leader. Values ​​and ethics exist in the philosophical arena and are often mistaken for the […]

The SAT – Fun Facts!

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But really, the SAT can be fun! Well, no, that’s a lie. But let’s pretend it’s true while reading these cool SAT facts! Fun fact n. 1: The SAT represents … … any! The SAT is a pseudo-acronym. Like its siblings “KFC” and “A&M” at Texas A&M University, “SAT” appears to be an acronym, […]

Cheap Chicago Eviction Lawyer

Chicago Eviction Lawyer Chicago has a tough time with foreclosures and evictions. When someone is forced from their home, they are not able to stay there because the housing market is no longer affordable. This makes it more likely for them to be evicted, which is where an eviction lawyer can come in handy. Not being able to remain in […]

The next step after the news

Nobody likes to hear unpleasant news. When the news deals with health problems, it is often greeted with surprise, confusion and shock, especially if the word is cancer. For men, prostate cancer is becoming a very common health problem. The disease is believed to be more common in men of African descent and is often diagnosed after the age of […]

Be a Man – Dominance vs Control

What does it mean to be a man? When we ask ourselves that question, many things come to mind. We can talk about confidence, leadership, strength and all of those would be good answers, but what is the essence of being a man? In the last 40 years, the roles of a man and a woman have become increasingly blurred. […]

Some fun with old-fashioned hat terms – Part Two – Renaissance Europe to 1799

Some dark and unusual words come to light when looking back at the history of hats and headdresses. Having recently finished reading THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (by Simon Winchester, HarperCollins 1998) about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, I thought it might be fun to explore the definitions and etymology of some of these ancient terms, most of […]