Victorian Dollhouse Design Steps

The first step in building your own Victorian dollhouse is to do your research. There are detailed books on the subject. You can read about how to value your building, how to build your furniture, and even kitchen design. There are books on the history and development of materials, design alternatives, and furniture and accessory options. Building and furnishing your […]

Uses and benefits of Velcro straps

There are various types of adhesive and industrial tapes available today. The use and importance of adhesive tapes have grown enormously in recent years. There are masking tapes, cello tapes, and various other industrial tapes that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Velcro tape is one of the most widely used tapes, also known as hook and […]

Home Decor – Home Decor On A Budget

Decorating your home shouldn’t break the bank. Decorating or redecorating your home is not a one-time project where you have to do everything at once. The best way to do this is to gradually work through your home, one room or space at a time. This spreads the work across multiple sessions, making the process less demanding and, in the […]

The world doesn’t need another math textbook

I know this statement is shocking. Some of you may feel that I have heralded the end of civilization as we know it. How the hell are people going to learn math without the latest and greatest math textbook? The answer is simple. In the same way that people have always learned mathematics before the modern education system, doing it […]

Kitchen Countertops – What are the Options?

The material that covers your kitchen counters is one of the most visible and noticeable features of your home. It helps to set the layout and color theme. Today there are new options in countertops and the old ones are making a comeback. Here are a dozen countertop options for you to consider: Granite: This has been the most popular […]

Common kitchen utensils and their uses

These are the basic cooking and baking utensils that any aspiring baker and chef should have. Pots: These are used to cook food and boil liquids on the stove. Pans: preparation of sauces and liquid retention. Heavy-bottomed ones with poured lips are preferable. Knives: used to chop, cut, carve and fillet food. Cutting board: used to place food while chopping […]