Who are the reputable orthodontists in Calgary?

orthodontists in Calgary

When it comes to straightening teeth, orthodontic treatment can have a significant impact on the overall health of your mouth and smile. This is why it’s so important to choose the right orthodontist for your family. Luckily, there are many highly qualified orthodontists in Calgary who can help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of!

calgary orthodontists are dentists who specialise in straightening teeth with braces and Invisalign. They are more than just dentists, though, as they have specialized training for 2-3 additional years which is focused on straightening teeth. This is comparable to the training a cardiologist has to complete after four years of school. Orthodontics is a field that’s constantly evolving, and the best orthodontists in Calgary are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest treatments.

Whether you’re looking for an orthodontist for your child, yourself or a loved one, it’s vital to find a trusted and respected practitioner who can provide the best care possible. These 13 orthodontists in Calgary are the top picks for their outstanding professionalism and expertise.

Who are the reputable orthodontists in Calgary?

A household name, Brooke Orthodontics is an orthodontist with a commitment to excellence and happy patients. Their dedicated team of specialists and seasoned assistants is ready to take on your individual orthodontic journey. They have convenient locations in Market Mall Professional Centre and Aspen Glen Landing, and their focus on staying up-to-date means that they can offer the most advanced treatment options.

Another household name, Dr Warren Cohen leads his team of friendly and skilled orthodontists at Surrideo Orthodontics. The practice offers a wide range of treatments for children, teens and adults to help them find their ideal smile. Moreover, they work together with each patient from the beginning to ensure the most suitable treatment options and a comfortable orthodontic experience. They also help their patients maximize their dental insurance benefits.

If you’re in the mood for an affordable yet efficient orthodontist, look no further than myOrthodontist! This premium provider of orthodontics specializes in treatments for all ages, including Early Intervention and Invisalign clear aligners. They’re also renowned for their non-invasive two-phase approach to braces, which is designed to prevent the need for invasive procedures in the future.

Authentic Orthodontics takes pride in the unique treatment plans they develop for their patients. Their friendly staff and state-of-the-art technology make them one of the best orthodontists in the area. Their patient-focused approach allows them to diagnose and treat the issues you may be facing without spending too much money. They also offer flexible payment plans to fit your budget. Their goal is to give you a healthy, confident smile that you can be proud of.

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