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Innovative marketing concepts that set trends

Ever wonder where trendsetters get their ideas on what’s on top of the top trends for event planning, scheduling or entertainment for corporate team building events?

Social media using innovative trendsetting marketing concepts brings strong brand recognition to the right market.

In a recent conversation with an event planner, I noticed that he wasn’t really up to speed on the latest trends in entertainment and suggested that he check out some of the hottest current trendsetters. His response was curiosity, wondering what they could be. I really had no idea who was determining the trends in entertainment for the corporate community. And because he lacked that information, his events weren’t happening as quickly or as profitably as he would have liked.

The point is, when executive planners or corporations make decisions about event entertainment, they tend to follow the “trends” set by the Fortune 500. If companies can afford to hire a band, at least one cover band, the chances are quite high. high. that they are NOT a Fortune 500, but a smaller company that follows the trends set by the Fortune 500 companies. Those trendsetters get their information on who is popular, what trends and why they should hire a cover band, or a band, from informational discussions in news magazines like Forbes magazine.

Big companies – that is, the guys who beat Wall Street – make the biggest dollars in business and celebrate their team players with high-dollar bands and renowned artists who share their success with journalists who write for magazines like Forbes. Do you read Forbes? How about the curator or editorialist? Prestige?

Perhaps you have found another magazine that people with higher incomes read regularly?

Social media with trendsetters in any market is the key to building a recognizable brand identity for your business.

Corporate community building events set the trend. If you want to be a part of those trend-setting moments, you’ll want to know how to captivate the moment at YOUR event with cutting-edge entertainment, top-notch motivational speakers, and high-end cover bands.

If your event includes reviews from prominent journalists in iconic magazines, you will earn a name for trendsetting, being part of the trendsetting elite, and gaining the benefit of a recognizable brand at corporate jet-set events. You want your company name to be the one that appears in every private club on the continent, and it had better be mentioned somewhere on the pages of the best luxury lifestyle magazines in the world.

Innovative, trend-setting marketing concepts will explode your earning power on the right social network.

If you want the world to roll out the red carpet for your business, you must learn the process, join the trendsetters, and be a part of the recognized names in the luxury industry. It’s about marketing to the right people and being known in the right circles.

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