Gift Guide 2021: The best Christmas gifts for young children

Young children are pretty easy to please when it comes to gifts. They get dizzy and curious when they see a new toy, something shiny, or something unknown. But gift givers don’t always have to go for the latest toy. We should aim for gifts that are truly meaningful, something that is inspiring and educational as well as being fun.

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Here is a collection of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers that you can consider:

Little Tikes Trampoline

Young children are little balls of energy and they need to burn that energy the right way. Give them the gift of active play with the Little Tikes Trampoline, featuring a handlebar for added stability and a large jumping surface.

Little Tikes is a well-known brand that has been producing quality children’s toys for many generations, so you can be sure that the design and materials are safe and built to last for many years.

giant coloring book

Children at this age are like a sponge, absorbing almost everything they see, hear, and learn. So it’s the perfect time for them to learn the things around them. This Jumbo Fruits and Vegetables Coloring Book is a great way for them to do it right from the start, while having fun coloring.

Features cute illustrations of common fruits and vegetables, with name labels to add to the learning! Ideal for young children ages 3 and up.

Leap Frog Scoop and Learn Deluxe Ice Cream Cart

With young children, pretend play is the way to go! This modern Leap rog ice cream cart not only lets kids “create” delicious sundaes for imaginary play, but it’s also highly educational!

Children will learn colors, flavors and numbers, and their memory and sequencing skills will also improve by following the instructions on the order cards. Not only that, the cart also plays upbeat music for added fun as little ones prepare their ice cream “orders”!

DeMoca Silent Book

Most of the time, toddlers will be up and running around, but there are also times when they just need to kick back and relax. For stress-free playtime, quiet books are recommended. Stimulates the child’s creativity, imagination and sensory development.

This amazing quiet book features 9 learning activities for 3-year-olds like matching colorful shapes with Velcro, telling time, learning buttons and zippers, and more! It’s also very portable, great for taking the kids on the go!

Spin N Sort Spout Bath Toy Set

Every opportunity a child can learn should be taken advantage of, even when it’s bath time! Make bath time a fun learning experience for little ones with the Spin N Sort Spout Bath Toy Set. Help introduce sorting, building, and putting into play physics!

The cute bath set includes 3 interchangeable colored cups that work with the spout to create different water effects like spraying, straining and floating! A great addition to bath time for children as young as 9 months!

Choose any of these wonderful picks to find the perfect gift – here are the best Christmas gifts for toddlers!

Spin N Sort Spout Bath Toy Set:

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