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Floral Symbolism: A Gift Guide to Buying You the Right Flowers

Let’s face it, as far as most men are concerned, flowers are flowers, and as long as you end up giving her a nice bouquet that makes her happy, you’ve accomplished your mission. But what if you could take things up a notch and really surprise her with a well thought out bouquet containing flowers with the perfect symbolism and meaning to represent your feelings and relationship? Well, we’ve created an easy-to-follow gift guide to buying your flowers that gives you everything you need to know to select the most appropriate flower arrangement this Valentine’s Day. This is sure to earn you extra points, trust us!

Important things to remember:

-Consider the relationship. Believe it or not, the level of your relationship should be an important factor when selecting flowers for your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day. With all the symbolism behind flowers and their colors, it can be easier than you think to accidentally send the wrong message.

-Use your own judgment. If we are recommending pink roses or purple orchids for your relationship level, but you know that your favorite color is yellow and you adore yellow flowers, stick with a yellow bouquet that has flowers that symbolize what she means to you. After all, this is just a guide; you know your girlfriend better than us (hopefully).

-Planning and timing. If you’re ordering a flower arrangement online, take a few days off so you don’t end up with unfortunate delays. Although most online florists are wonderful at last minute deliveries, it is far better to give her a beautiful Valentine’s bouquet a day or two earlier than to be empty-handed with a terrible explanation of why you don’t have one for her. .

Important things to avoid:

-Unromantic flower arrangements. Flowers aren’t always about romance, and the last thing you want to do is buy her an arrangement that looks like you should give it to your mom, or worse, your grandmother. Anything in picnic baskets, ceramic pots, teacups, or cute little pitchers is generally a no no.

-Do not be stingy. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on a huge flower arrangement this Valentine’s Day, but grabbing the last half-dead bouquet at the gas station on your way to pick it up isn’t enough.

-Don’t underestimate the arrival. If you have placed an order through an online florist, make sure the arrangement is delivered in person by a human. Some bouquets can be shipped via FedEx or UPS and will arrive in a box, leaving the flowers to be arranged by herself (not very romantic). In addition to making sure they arrive in perfect condition, try to have them delivered to your workplace. Most women love the extra attention (and making Diane jealous in accounting) and it earns her extra points simply by changing the delivery address. Just make sure you know their work address. exactly – or that good idea could go very wrong.

In case of doubt:

No matter at what level of your relationship, the following bouquets strike the perfect balance of charm, charm, and romance (without being too desperate or broke!)

Red tulips in a glass vase – Red is perfect for Valentine’s Day and still keeps it romantic, but tulips make this arrangement less traditional and much more modern, making it the perfect bouquet for just about any stage in your relationship. Tip: If you are in a new relationship, you can always reduce the intensity of the arrangement a little or two and ask your florist to use fewer flowers (that is, half a dozen or a dozen).

Pink Roses and Alstroemeria Lilies – The pink roses will keep this bouquet romantic without being too traditional or overwhelming, and the pink alstroemeria lilies add a touch of exotic beauty and uniqueness to offset the classic roses, without being too expensive. A glass vase is always a safe bet and will add a modern touch to this arrangement. This would be the perfect arrangement for any lucky lady.

Fresh flower mix – Shades of pink, lavender, or coral, roses, lilies, carnations, and maybe even orchids (if you’re willing to spend a little more money) would create a beautiful, colorful bouquet. Look for flower arrangements that contain 3-4 different types of flowers, sticking mostly to pinks and purples, as these are generally romantic colors that go well without being too traditional. A bouquet like this is the perfect flower arrangement that is sure to delight her, no matter how particular.

Floral symbolism guide:

A comprehensive guide to the most popular flowers and their various meanings, including color symbolism, as well as helpful bouquet recommendations for each flower. Follow our guide and you won’t go wrong!

Carnation: With a rich history dating back more than 2,000 years, carnations possess a delicate beauty that few flowers have. They usually symbolize devoted love, pride, and beauty, as well as these specific meanings for their individual colors:

Red: Deep love and affection

Pinkish: Lasting love

White: Pure love as well as good luck

Chrysanthemum: Originally yellow in color and recognized as a symbol of the sun, these beautiful flowers also represent the essence of joy and faithfulness, and are the perfect flowers to gift a spouse.

Red: A declaration of love, a simple declaration of “I love”

White: Truth and loyal love

Yellow: Despised love

Daisy flower: These romantic flowers signify loyalty in love, patience and beauty, with additional nuances of love that conquers all. More specifically, the colors of daisies have additional meanings:

White: Shared feelings of affection

Pinkish: Purity and innocence

Red: Unknown beauty

Delphinium / Larkspur: These beautiful flowers have been used by natives to make blue dye and scare away scorpions in ancient times. Today, these lush dolphin-shaped flowers symbolize an open heart, attachment, and convey a sense of light joy.

Gladiolus: Named for the Latin word “gladius,” which means sword, these striking flowers have a long history from Africa to the Mediterranean. Known primarily for symbolizing strength and integrity, on a romantic level, these flowers also represent infatuation, with a bouquet that conveys that they pierce the recipient’s heart with passion. How about romantic?

Hydrangea: It is considered to have a variation of meanings, but the overwhelming consensus remains that hydrangea symbolizes lasting grace and beauty.

Iris: Possessing a very noble symbolism, lilies are believed to represent compliments and a promise of love. Its various colors also have other meanings:

Purple: Wisdom and compliments

Blue: Faith and hope

Yellow: Passion

White: Purity

Lily: Its general symbolism is virtue, refined beauty, wealth, and joy. These majectic flowers have long had a role in ancient mythology and represent various meanings based on their colors:

Pinkish: Wealth and prosperity

Orange: Passion

Yellow: Pure delight or bliss

Orchid: The most coveted ornamental plants, these delicately dazzling tropical flowers are a symbol of love, luxury, beauty and strength. Pink orchids convey complete affection, while the cattleya orchid is believed to represent pure allure.

Pinkish: These traditional flowers are known as the quintessential symbol of romance. Although roses are considered to primarily represent everything related to romance, love, and passion, many additional meanings depend on the individual colors of the roses. Avoid her if: you’ve just started dating someone, or you know she’s a little less traditional.

Red: Love, passion, beauty

Pinkish: Happiness and appreciation

Lavender: Enchantment and love at first sight

Burgundy: Inner beauty

Peach: Appreciation and wish

Red and white together: Unit

Dragons: Although their origin is unknown, it is believed that they were once wildflowers in Spain and Italy. In the language of flowers, the snapdragon is believed to represent grace and strength.

Stocks: Native to the Mediterranean, these sweet and delicate flowers are believed to symbolize a happy life and lasting beauty. The more specific romantic meanings include affection and “you will always be beautiful to me.”

Tulip: Rivaling roses as one of the most romantic flowers; tulips possess simplistic elegance and beauty. Although they generally symbolize perfect love, the different colors of tulips have different meanings:

Red: Irresistible love

Pinkish: Perfect happiness and affection

Cream: Eternal love

Yellow: Happy thoughts and a bright smile

Purple: Royalty, luxury and power

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