What is the Purpose of a Balconette Bra?

What is the Purpose of a Balconette Bra?

Balcony bras offer support and a flattering shape to the breasts. Suitable for various breast sizes and body types, this style enhances cleavage to create a more rounded silhouette that looks particularly stellar with low-cut and wide necklines.

Although balconette bras provide less coverage than other bra styles, they are not designed to limit larger boobs (as proven by the voluptuous pin up girl Marilyn Monroe). This bra is also great for women with narrow shoulders as it avoids strap slippage.

Okay Trendy Bra

A Okay Trendy balconette bra is a great option for women who want to add some sexiness to their outfit without wearing a push-up bra. The wide straps that connect to the balconette cups accentuate cleavage and give a rounded look to the bust.

This type of bra is also a good choice for women with wide shoulders that slope toward the armpit area. This style is a flattering option for these women, since the wider straps help avoid pinching and pulling. However, not all women have this type of shoulder shape and may find that the balconette style’s wider straps cause discomfort.

Balconette bras also work well with a range of necklines and can be worn to enhance a sexy or feminine look. They also look fantastic under formal dresses and strapless tops and are great for girls’ night out or date nights.

This bra is made with a soft and stretchy polyamide fabric to ensure comfort throughout the day. The breathable fabric wicks away sweat and keeps you dry so that you can feel comfortable, even when working out at the gym or on a long flight. The bra is also lined with silky-smooth lace to prevent it from digging into the skin and feels featherlight on the neck and arms. The lace is embellished with sequins and ribbons for a fun and glamorous look.

Smooth Bra

A smooth bra has no seams and a sleek finish, making it perfect to wear under tight clothing. Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens and content creator Thamarr Guerrier both love Lane Bryant’s Cacique balconette bras, which they describe as “small-bust-proof.” Both women say that the wide straps of these bras are comfortable enough to sleep in but still offer a shape that is flattering under fitted tops and dresses.

Kitchens and Guerrier also like that the bras are available in a range of sizes, including cup and band sizes up to K. They each also wear their balconette bras with a simple button-down at the office and as part of their daytime outfits, paired with some high-waisted shorts or pants.

While balconette bras can look sexy and add volume to your bust, they’re not flattering for all women. Some have narrow shoulders or slope in a way that the wider straps of this style can pinch and be uncomfortable. These women might want to try a different bra style, such as a demi-cup or full-coverage soft cup bra.

Are you ready to try a new balconette bra? The best way to determine which type is right for you is by getting a professional bra fitting. We offer these free at all Bendon locations and only take five minutes! Schedule yours here.

Textured Bra

Whether you want to look chic and sophisticated or sweet and innocent, there’s a style of bra for every occasion. A textured bra is made of lace with an extra touch of detail, like scalloping around the cups or ribbons and sequins along the center. It looks pretty with a sheer dress or blouse.

The textured details in the bra help to add support to the bra and make it more comfortable to wear. A textured bra can also be a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin because the extra detail can help prevent irritation from scratchy fabrics.

Another way that a textured bra can provide added support is by having a support panel. The support panel can be a separate sling sewn inside the cup, or it can be integrated into the bra with seams. Support panels are often made from a flexible knit, so they can help to shape and mold the breasts for better fit and support.

Balconette bras are a great option for women who want to look sexy and accentuate their cleavage. They’re perfect for low neckline outfits because their wide-set straps stay hidden under broad necklines, which is helpful for avoiding bra peaks. They’re also a good choice for women who want the push-up effect without wearing a full-cup bra.

Embellished Bra

While some women prefer to go braless, most wear brassieres. They may be designed for aesthetic or fashion purposes, such as to enhance breast size and create cleavage, or for practical considerations, including support in swimsuits or camisole dresses. Nursing bras are designed to aid breastfeeding, and compression and encapsulation styles offer post-surgical support. Breast cancer patients can find mastectomy bras to help them re-enter society after their surgeries.

The first modern bra was created by 19-year-old Mary Phelps Jacob, who patented her design in 1914 and briefly manufactured them in a two-woman factory in Boston. The bra quickly gained popularity in the United States, England, and countries influenced by western fashion. The modern bra is now a vital part of the global lingerie industry.

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