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5 Ways to Be Prepared for Home Emergencies as a Homeowner

The responsibilities of a landlord have no time limits, since anything can arise at inopportune hours of the day and they must be prepared for it. But here’s the problem, most of them are not sure what to do during an emergency situation. Read on to know how to deal with such situations.

1. Create your own emergency contact number

An emergency contact can be very resourceful during unforeseen circumstances, where you will need to be in touch with tenants, the police, or other important contacts if necessary. You can use your own contact number as a contact or subscribe to a 24-hour answering machine that your tenants can easily reach.

2. Compile a list of contact numbers

Be sure to compile a list of all the emergency contact numbers you can think of. Directly from the police department, fire department, medical services, gas company and poison control. Also, you should give them to your tenants when they move in and suggest they keep the list in the most accessible area of ​​the house.

3. Make it clear to your tenants what an emergency is

An emergency is a situation that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, while an inconvenience is an unpleasant situation that may not need to be dealt with right away. Make an emergency plan and give it to your tenants with clear instructions on what to do during such situations.

4. Guide them to buy renters insurance

You sure don’t want to be blamed for the loss of your tenants’ valuable belongings, do you? While the lease is up, ask them to purchase renters insurance. This has to be done because your homeowners insurance policy will only cover the destruction of the building and its facilities, not your tenant’s possessions.

5. Make sure who you can count on

When faced with an emergency, you’ll need to act quickly to fix that particular mishap. For example, you have a leaky roof but you don’t have a plumber you trust to fix the problem. This could leave him in an awkward position, as he would have to flip through the directory at random times, interrupting his busy schedule.

Owning is more of a balancing act, where you have to find a balance between your personal life and owning. When you rent your property, your tenant should know that he can count on you when faced with imminent danger. Make sure you are there to provide assistance when needed.

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