Understand the difference between American and Australian Labradoodles

Labradoodles are a cross between Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. Unlike other crosses, Labradoodles were very carefully crossed (in Australia) to produce a dog that had the service qualities of a Labrador Retriever with the tight, hypoallergenic coat qualities of a Poodle. The resulting breed was intended to be a service dog that could live in the home of people with allergies.

Over time, Australian breeders have carefully experimented with breeding to produce healthy, intelligent and hardy dogs with ideal coat quality. They have done extensive genetic testing to rule out inherited diseases or problems. Along the way, Australian breeders added other dog breeds (Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coat Retriever, English Cocker Spaniel, and American Cocker Spaniel) to the mix to further infuse breeding lines with desirable characteristics of good health, intelligence, and hypoallergenic coat.

When a Labradoodle breeder states that they offer Australian Labradoodles, that means their original stock was an Australian Labradoodle, a dog that is multi-generational Labradoodle with careful breeding to ensure strong and healthy dogs.

American Labradoodles have a different approach to breeding. American Labradoodles are a cross between Labradors and Poodles. These dogs do not have the multigenerational approach that eliminates some of the unwanted characteristics. For example, if you have a first generation American Labradoodle (50% Poodle / 50% Labrador), you have a 50/50 chance of getting a dog that has a shedding coat, rather than the tight, curly coat that does not shed. falls off.

American Labradoodle breeders also don’t believe in infusing other breeds into their breeding lines. While the Australian Labradoodle added other breeds to incorporate ideal characteristics and make the breed stronger, American Labradoodle breeders insist on mixing only the two breeds. This increases the possibility of a genetic disease.

Why choose between an Australian Labradoodle and an American Labradoodle? The main reason for selecting an Australian Labradoodle is because you want a Labradoodle that has the physical characteristics that the original Australian Labradoodle breeders strove for – extremely intelligent dogs that could be used for service, with a tight coat that does not shed. Both breeders can produce healthy dogs, but Australian Labradoodles go back many generations with extensive genetic testing to eliminate unfavorable traits and health problems.

When it comes time to choose a Labradoodle, meet the breeder and his philosophy towards these special dogs. Quality breeders are committed to producing healthy and beautiful dogs that deserve to be a part of loving and caring families.

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