What you need to know about renting an off-campus room in Leeds

“What is the best time to look for an off-campus rental apartment at the University of Leeds? In the UK, September is the start of the academic year, once you decide to rent an apartment, you should start looking for an apartment from July to August, there are a lot of people moving out during this period of time, and there will be more than enough housing available at affordable prices.

Some Leeds student accommodation will choose to look for an apartment after the school year starts, the housing stock is very tight during the school season, the range of options is not large, and the rent price and agent fees have increased. If you want to rent a room off campus, the sooner you look for a room, the better. If you choose to rent an apartment, you will need to apply for it, and you will need to submit a lot of procedures to move in.

What you need to know about renting an off-campus room in Leeds

Do I need to pay tax for renting a Leeds student accommodation off-campus at the University of Leeds? In addition to rent, you also need to pay tax. But happily, all students are exempt from it. After you live in an off-campus room and have registered your address in the sims system, the university will usually send you a certificate of council tax exemption for your house.

If you have not moved in for 2 or 3 months, you can also log in to sims and apply for a council tax certificate. For off-campus housing that has been rented to students, this tax is usually waived by the agent. However, it is recommended that you check the certificate yourself after you get it. The internet search “”council tax”” will give you the contact details for checking the status of the exemption.

What are the off-campus apartments available at the University of Leeds? We recommend the following two apartments. Liberty Dock. The apartments offer students a safe and comfortable apartment with excellent facilities in the city center. All suites are fully equipped with en-suite bathrooms, toilets, washbasins and high speed wifi access. There is a direct bus connection to the University of Leeds right outside the apartment. Unite Students The Plaza.a has over 900 rooms and offers a wide range of 3-6 bedroom suites, each with en-suite bathrooms, ideal for students who like to make new friends.”

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