Mastiff Training May or May Not Be Difficult

Mastiff training can be challenging depending on how lazy your pup is. I know that for me training my mastiff was a combination of challenge and no challenge at all. Now this was for a variety of reasons and I thought I’d share one reason education was challenging for him, but then one reason I had no problem providing him with a quality education.

The first problem you may have when trying to train your dog is that it can be a very stubborn animal. I know from experience with my own dog that I would be walking him and he would see something and then decide he wanted to go that way after what he saw. The problem with that is that when you’re trying to train your dog to listen to you, he has to go in the direction you want him to go, not in the direction he feels is good to go. This habit of the mastiff can be problematic because the dog will want to do what he wants most of the time and not what you ask him to do.

The second problem is that your dog might find it easy due to your pup’s laid back nature. I know that aside from me wanting to do his thing, it was often easy to contain him because he just lay down and fell asleep while he trained. Which became annoying because he wouldn’t want to do any of the training while he slept. However, that can be a good thing because you can pay attention to what the trainer is trying to tell you and your dog without having to worry about something being bitten.

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