Is Antminer Still Profitable?

Antminer Still Profitable

When bitcoin mining began, the earliest models of Antminer were launched in 2016. The most popular of these units, the Antminer S9, reached peak profitability between 2016 and 2019. Today, the revenue per terahash second has increased to a high not seen since September 2017. At current prices, the cost of an Antminer S9 is $16,500, which gives you roughly $1.50 profit per day.

The price of bitcoin has increased by over 30% over the last two weeks. At this time, it is only 13.4% below its mid-April high. This is enough to make mining an attractive proposition for a small business, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t earn from the market. In fact, the antminer S9 is currently costing Bitmain less than a thousand dollars per machine and is still profitable, even if the bitcoin price is at a historic low.

The price of bitcoin has also decreased. Despite its relatively high price, the value of Bitcoin has fallen by over 30% in the last two weeks. At the time of writing, the value of one TH (1,000 MB), which is the reward for successfully mining a block, would be $625/day. That’s a huge jump when compared to the previous year’s high. The Antminer S9, which is Bitmain’s flagship product, costs over $10k and has a rate of 100 TH/s, which makes it the most expensive ASIC in the world.

Is Antminer Still Profitable?

The price of bitcoin has risen by almost 30% over the past two weeks and is only 13.4% below its mid-April high. However, the Bitcoin price per block has fallen so much that the Bitmain S9 is the only ASIC to be profitable under those conditions. In Venezuela, electricity costs are incredibly cheap, and the chance of confiscation is minimal. In North America, access to renewable energy might improve, but individual miners are stuck sending their machines to farms that offer cheap electricity. Not many farms are willing to provide that service.

The price of bitcoin has fallen by about 30% in the past two weeks. It is now only 13.4% below its mid-April high, so it is no wonder that it has fallen by 30% since then. In contrast, the Antminer S9 is still the most popular ASIC in the world, with a price of over $10,000 per machine. As a result, it is no longer profitable to own an Antminer S9 (or any older version).

If you were to buy one of the latest Antminer S9s, you would earn a minimum of $53 per day per unit, which compares to the $0.75/TH of the earlier models. With that, you’d have to spend a lot of money to buy the Antminer S9, and this is less than $105/TH! This is a huge loss for older versions of the machine.

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