From beginner to expert, these are the two best reptiles for sale

So you’ve been looking for reptiles for sale for a while and you’ve decided to make your move. I must admit, I wish more people saw reptiles as more than just scaly mini-dinosaurs. Reptiles have a lot to offer their owners and when I think of the different types of reptiles for sale (there are millions!) I can confidently say that there are two specific types of reptiles that you can’t go wrong with. Turtles and lizards are common reptilian pets for good reason; They are exciting, extremely intelligent and curious reptiles, and they vary in temperament and breeds. With so much variety in these two reptile groups, you are sure to find one that suits your level of experience and challenges you.

Why you should buy a turtle for sale

In addition to being friendly and sympathetic reptiles, turtles are incredibly intelligent and make excellent companions. Many turtle owners find that their turtle will constantly search for them and stay by their side. They enjoy human interaction and can also get along with other turtles. As for her intelligence level, a scientist named Anna Wilkinson put a rat and a turtle in a maze in 2006. She had them navigate the same maze to find food and saw that the turtle was better at navigating the maze. He did not revisit the same areas and when the maze landmarks were removed for the second round, he was still able to find the same areas where he found food in the previous round. The rat, sadly, was not that strategic. If you are willing to commit to having a turtle for several decades and can comfortably house it, any turtle for sale will be a great fit for you.

Key facts about turtles:

  • They do not need a body of water, as a turtle would.

  • Their shells are sensitive to the touch.

  • They love to dig and hide.

  • They require more space.

  • They can live for many years.

Most common pet turtles for sale: The sulcata. Also known as the African spurred tortoise, it is the third largest tortoise in the world! Red-footed and leopards are also very popular pet turtles for sale.

Lizards for sale come in many varieties

It’s true! Bearded dragons, chameleons, iguanas, and skinks are just a few of the types of lizards available for sale. So in your search, you will want to limit your choice to one type of lizard that you find interesting. Before buying, make sure you fully understand the needs of that particular lizard. Their preferences are as diverse as the breeds themselves, so you’ll want to get it right. Although most lizards prefer to climb and have adapted to life in trees, you can find some that have adapted to burrowing, while some live their lives both on land and in water (semi-aquatic). Knowing what they need will help you determine what your enclosure should look like. Lizards are fun to handle and relatively easy to get along with with their owners. They are mostly active during the day and need a lot of heat to stay active, although they will likely spend the day sunbathing and waiting for food.

Key facts about lizards:

  • Lizards help control the insect population.

  • There are some lizards that eat plants.

  • Some female lizards give birth to live young.

  • There is no specific terrain for lizards.

  • The gila monster and the beaded lizard are the only two types of poisonous lizards.

The most common pet lizards for sale: The bearded dragon. The bearded dragon itself can be found in a variety of morphs and morph combinations. Iguanas and geckos are also very popular pet lizards for sale.

Buy your favorite reptiles for sale online

There are several benefits of buying reptiles for sale online. If you’ve been looking for exotic lizards for sale but can’t find them at a local pet store, you can find dealers online with a simple search. Make sure to do your research and choose from a verified seller, preferably with a good customer satisfaction record and strong reviews.

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