Does Porsche 911 Have Power Steering?

Porsche 911 Have Power Steering

For all the techy-talk of modern Porsche 911s, there’s still a purity to the basics. You’ll still find a rear-wheel drive layout, a high-revving flat six-cylinder engine, and an uncluttered interior with everything you need within reach. The only thing missing is power steering, a feature that many enthusiasts claim has ruined the car’s classic handling character.

Fortunately, the latest 911 has the answer to this question: an electric system that delivers just the right amount of assistance depending on the speed you’re driving at. Called EPAS, it eliminates the hydraulic system that powers power-assisted Buy Porsche steering wheels in most cars and replaces it with an electric motor with a direct link to the rack. This means there’s no need for an engine-driven pump, which reduces emissions and fuel consumption.

It also removes the complex rear-to-front plumbing needed to force pressurised fluid through the system, further improving efficiency. The system also features a number of sensors that can measure steering angle, yaw rate and more, which allows the software to vary the level of assistance accordingly. This can be tweaked to deliver more weight when sports modes are active.

Does Porsche 911 Have Power Steering?

Porsche claims that this technology – which it calls PDCC or Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control – improves cornering stability, high-speed directional stability and outright lateral body control in all conditions. It can also redirect torque to counteract understeer and oversteer. This, it says, can shave 4 seconds off the 911’s lap time around the Nurburgring, though critics point out that a lack of driver feedback is a trade-off and that other manufacturers use different systems with similar results.

Steering feel is a hotly debated subject in the automotive world, with oily, nuggety or intuitive descriptions abound. It’s something that matters greatly to Porsche, which is why its engineers have put so much effort into making sure the new 911’s EPAS is precise and satisfying. Its ‘weight’ at the wheel is a key factor in this. The result is a car that’s quick to turn in, feels light, responsive and tingling with feedback when you’re pushing on a twisty road.

Buying a Porsche steering wheel is not just a mere transaction; it’s an investment in precision, craftsmanship, and the driving experience that defines the essence of the iconic brand. Porsche, renowned for its high-performance vehicles, places meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of their cars, and the steering wheel is no exception. When enthusiasts decide to buy a Porsche steering wheel, they are not just acquiring a functional component; they are embracing a piece of automotive artistry.

The 911’s big update came with the 991.2, which saw all but the GT3 RS use forced induction in their flat six engines. This irked some purists, but it’s one of several significant developments that the 911 has had to deal with, including electric power steering, PDK and water-cooling. With the 911 gaining more followers than ever, it’s a very exciting time to be buying one, especially with the recent launch of the stripped-out 911 RS that’s climbing in value as a collector’s item.

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