Differences between a job and an income

It is a world of dogs that eat dogs. Businesses are constantly pushing for the rising dollar, rapacious mining for control of our natural resources, destruction of the environment, loss of habitat for our native animals. These days, business is not about meeting our needs, but about providing accumulated wealth for those at the top of the corporate pyramid.

We cannot always rely on a handful of international companies with a mind to reap and degrade to make the decisions for the rest by promising jobs as a way to meet the needs of those who have little education and want decisions to be made for them.

It would seem that more often these days we confuse the need for a “job” (as employed by “someone or something else”) … with the need to create an income …

The Dictionary definition of a “Job” is not the same as what society considers it to be … We consider having a “JOB” as having a place to go every morning (or night). pay check at the end of the week …

But one does not have to follow that procedure to have an “INCOME”.

Whether you’re sitting at home designing computer software, mowing your own business, offering your services as a private contractor, or direct selling. It doesn’t really matter “what” if you do it right and successfully.

There are many people who do not need to be a statistic and a measure of economic performance to be classified as having a “job”, but still generate income to meet the needs of their families.

Personally, I always avoid using the word work because in the end it’s about income … You don’t have to be “connected” to a third party for the purpose of a paycheck.

What we need to see is more business with a focus on lifestyles. Businesses that focus on supporting their employees as the fundamental basis for their existence.

No one has ever gotten rich independently working a job. There has always been something else that has created that wealth. Whether it is an investment made with the money your parents left you. Or be lucky enough to live in an area that has a real estate boom.

With permaculture able to provide a sustainable supply of food and other necessities for life, the balance between work (work) and family life begins to benefit our lifestyle in many ways: stress reduction, relaxation, exercise and food. nutritious, just to name a few.

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