cell phone cases wholesale

cell phone cases

If you want to make it easy for customers to buy your custom-made phone cases, consider using a print-on-demand service that will integrate with your online storefront. Although this will eat into your margins, it will take shipping, fulfillment and customer support off your plate so you can focus on making sales.

Phone cases can include a wide range of different styles and features. Some are designed to protect the device from impact and shock while others add functionality like a keychain to locate the phone. Many of these phone accessories feature unique and eye-catching designs that make them a great addition to any smartphone. A popular case style that offers a nice balance of protection and convenience is the UAG Plasma. This case is designed to withstand drops of up to 16 feet while still providing excellent touchscreen and camera protection.

Other options for wholesale phone cases include the Civilian series from Spigen. This line of cases is designed to meet military-grade drop test standards while still offering a sleek look. These cases are also available in a variety of color options and include a raised bevel around the screen to help prevent scratches when the phone is placed face down on a flat surface. This type of case is especially popular with people who use their phones in construction or other rugged environments.

cell phone cases wholesale

Although smartphones are made of quality materials, they can be pretty fragile. Getting a tough case is one way to make sure your phone lasts longer and keeps functioning well. Tough cases typically have a hard plastic exterior and a soft interior to protect the phone. Some also have a kickstand for video watching on a flat surface. They’re bulkier than soft cases, but they’re designed to handle drops and other types of damage that can be hard on a device.

Survivor’s newest case, for example, uses both hard and soft bio-resins to protect the phone and meet military standards. It’s also grippy on the sides to make it less likely you’ll drop the phone, and parametric shock-absorbing technology means your device stays safe.

Designed with premium synthetic leather, these cases add a touch of class to phones and feature exterior pockets to hold money, tickets, and other small items. Many include kickstands and mounts that allow you to make hands-free video calls or watch movies on a flat surface. Flip cases don’t protect the screen as well as other types of cases, but they do add an eye-catching design and provide an extra layer of protection for your smartphone. These cases are not as durable as plastic or silicon, and you might have to clean them more frequently.

As you consider what kind of phone cases you want to sell, think about the kinds of buyers you want to appeal to. You can find niches in existing markets by identifying which types of phones are underserved by the big brands, or you can try to come up with your own unique designs. If you’re unsure of where to start, consider using a print-on-demand service that lets you create and sell cases without keeping any inventory or shipping them yourself.

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