Correspondence principle in accounts receivable

The matching principle is the basis for accrual (or accrual) accounting and revenue recognition. According to the principle, all expenses incurred in generating income should be deducted from the income obtained in the same period. This principle allows for a better assessment of actual profitability and performance and reduces the mismatch between when cost is incurred and when revenue is […]

One Player, One Season, Three Teams: How Much Baseball Is Enough?

Youth baseball is a hobby shared by millions. In practically every city in the United States, on a summer night, a baseball game is probably played. Perhaps 10,000 or more games can be played even simultaneously and the results, while important to the participants, ultimately have little importance in world affairs. Still, many young people and their parents spend countless […]

Symptoms of fraud

Fraud Symptom Categories 1. Internal control problems: material weakness The first thing to remember when looking at internal controls is the fraud triangle. Without the three elements of opportunity, pressure, and rationalization, fraud is less likely to occur. By creating controls that avoid these elements or detect them in a timely manner after they occur, managers can effectively monitor compliance. […]

Why are my wholesale prices below eBay prices?

Here is my list of guidelines to follow when comparing your wholesale prices to the prices found on eBay. Compare prices only with new products As you know, eBay is a place where you can sell almost anything and in any condition. Many people make the common mistake of comparing the prices found on eBay with used or “like new” […]

Mutual funds: an introduction to the types of mutual funds

A mutual fund is a trust managed by the fund manager that pools the savings of thousands of investors who share the same financial goals. The money raised is then invested in capital market instruments, such as stocks or bonds, or a combination of both. Investing in mutual funds is done by providing different types of investment options that are […]

How to properly appraise a liquor store for sale: the guide

A liquor store can be one of the most attractive prospects for those looking to enter the world of entrepreneurship. They are traditionally seen as “commodity” providers, with good turnover and reasonable margins. However, considering a liquor store valuation can be quite a difficult proposition. The entire industry is somewhat dependent on outdated barometers and the owner may be looking […]