Hypoglycemia: hope for healing with essential oils

Hypoglycemia, a condition in which blood sugar falls below normal levels, causes tiredness, depression, and physical weakness. Depending on the severity, this can be a debilitating condition. There are practical steps that can be taken to control and possibly alleviate hypoglycemia. Essential oils can play an important role in your efforts to recover from this condition. Eating protein at regular […]

Help increase the number of students going to college

This document reports the results of ongoing research partnerships with inclusive classrooms and with selective and competitive outreach programs that seek to bridge the gap between school, college, and college occupations for Latinos and other underrepresented youth. The findings are based on qualitative methods (interviews, field observations, and case studies) and quantitative methods (surveys, grades, test scores, and statistical analyzes) […]

The Youth Movement: What is your real age?

I can remember the day I was consulting with a young mother who had multiple health problems. She had just told me that even though she was thirty years old, she felt like 89. She was very intuitive, she had captured her “Biological Age” (BA), exactly. The internal function of the body is something we rarely think about while we […]

Natural Deodorant: Why You May Want To Detox Before Switching To Natural Deodorant

Here in America, our culture doesn’t naturally embrace our “natural smell” like others. We label it “body odor”, which has a negative connotation. Some people’s natural body odor is pleasant to us. They are called pheromones. Nobody wants to smell bad, so some are hesitant to try a natural deodorant. However, studies have shown that aluminum in antiperspirants perpetuates cancer […]