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WoW Professions Summary

WoW professions are an extremely interesting facet of the game. A character doesn’t actually have to choose any profession, but if he doesn’t, he is missing out on great opportunities to earn money in the game and also to bolster his effectiveness in raids and PvP. Professions are basically classified into two different categories. There are collection ones, which allow you to find items in the world. Herbalism and mining fit into this category and are one of the best ways to earn money, especially for lower-level characters. In a craftsman profession, you can produce items, such as jewelry, blacksmithing, enchanting, tailoring, or engineering.

When choosing WoW professions, you can choose two main ones, and you have any number of secondary professions. Secondary professions are cooking, fishing, first aid, and archeology. Many people choose to focus on their primary careers first and work in secondary careers in their spare time. The professions you choose will partially depend on your class. This is because some professions can craft armor, and certain types of armor can only be worn by certain classes. Classes that can wear plates, for example, are paladins, warriors, and death knights. This makes blacksmithing a good option for them as they can wear whatever armor they can create. If you are a tailor, you can make cloth gear, so it would be ideal for wizards, priests, and warlocks.

Ideally, your professions should complement each other. This would include something like alchemy (which allows you to make potions and flasks) and herbalism, so you can gather the ingredients to make them. Of course, you don’t have to do this. Sometimes people choose two collecting professions so that they can try to download everything they find at the auction house for a good profit. What you choose to do should depend a bit on how many characters you have. Having duplicate professions on all characters generally means losing some kind of benefit. Having an enchantment or a jewelry box is enough to equip all your characters with the benefits they offer.

Choosing secondary profession archeology gives you the opportunity to find special items that are only available to those who specialize in that profession. Archeology rewards can range from special armor sets to unique mounts for your character!

If you choose a profession and you don’t like it, you can always change it. You are never required to maintain a profession, although you can only have two main professions at a time. WoW professions are an integral part of the game. You can collect resources from your environment to sell or you can use them to make items like armor, weapon potions, enchantments, and gems. Find out what your goals are in this game and choose your professions accordingly.

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