Window Air Conditioner: What To Look For

Window Air Conditioner

Having a good air conditioning unit at home is something that everyone should have. Luckily, you won’t need to endure sleepless nights or uncomfortable study sessions any longer. A simple solution to one of your most-used appliances, an air conditioning unit cozies up to just about any double-hung window, so it’s out of sight and out of mind almost forever. But before you buy that air conditioning unit, ask yourself some important questions.

How much cooling power do you need? This is an especially important question for areas where temperatures rise above 40 degrees often during the day. Your best air conditioner will come with different options such as a night mode, a summer mode, and an eco-friendly model that uses a renewable energy source. The type of unit you buy also depends on the brand and the price, so be sure to do some research first.

Is it silent running? This is another factor that will affect how well your air conditioner works and performs. Basically, an AC needs to be kept very close to your bedroom during the day and in a completely silent running position at night. Some air conditioners have twin inverters which allow them to run in both positions. If you want the best air conditioner for your home, look for an air conditioning system with dual inverters.

Window Air Conditioner: What To Look For

What is the estimated energy savings? Energy consumption is the single biggest cost in cooling your home. Ask the sales representative of your local AC company about the annual estimated energy savings. If they state a figure, ask them whether this figure includes the battery replacement costs. Most AC companies do not include the battery replacement costs in their figures since these require professional installation. If you want the best air conditioner in town, make sure that it has a six-month or longer warranty with a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship.

Does it have all the features you need? It’s very important to have the features you want for your AC. For example, if you want an AC with a cool touch function, then you might want to look into the Perfect Aire Energy Star Window Air Conditioner. It is an 8,000 BTU Energy Star window air conditioner that would be a good pick for areas between 300-350 sq. ft.

With soft-touch electronic pad controls & digital LED display, it comes with full function remote control with Follow Me portable thermostat technology for total room coverage. This air conditioner comes complete with 1 Year Full Replacement and is extremely easy to install. If you are looking for the best window air conditioner for your home, check this out.

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