Will the Arizona Cardinals make the Playoffs?

It looks like the Arizona Cardinals have done their job in games this season. Now, professional soccer in the desert has become a tough competition. The Cardinals are on pace for a division title, an accomplishment they haven’t had in the last 33 years of their franchise. The next five weeks through the games are very crucial for the team to clinch the division title.

The team’s previous games have shown that they have, in fact, played great football against some really standout teams in the NFL. They have shown that they can rise to the challenge of their bullies. Every game in the league is a big game for the Cardinals because they still have a lot to show their fans. Thanks to Coach Whisenhunt, the team is slowly moving away from the tag of being the biggest losers in NFL history. In fact, they are in a very good position to enter the playoffs.

The team’s last division title dates back to 1975, when they were still called the St. Louis Cardinals. The next year their presence was felt in the playoff series was when they came in as a wild card in the 1998 season. With recent favorable events, Whisenhunt attributes this in large part to the environment they have created, which he strongly believes has been become really difficult every time the games come home.

Aside from this, the team’s quarterback Kurt Warner gets credit for the recent success of the Arizona Cardinals. Warner is known to be very tough and competitive on the field. He continued to wow fans by setting his fourth straight 300-yard passing record by passing for 395 yards during games against the Seahawks. Whisenhunt realizes the importance of Warner’s presence on his team because the latter acts as the team’s glue, making them more motivated and cooperative with each other.

Over time, the team has improved significantly in terms of trust and togetherness. On the field, this is seen because the players know that they can count on each other in difficult situations. Getting closer as a team has improved their performance immensely. Teamwork was one of the areas the Cardinals lacked before, but now that they’re slowly getting the hang of it, all we can do is wait and see how teamwork can turn the tide.

The split isn’t over yet, and the Cardinals still have plenty of challenges to face. However, they are on the right side of the pot and have become the favorites to win the NFC West division. But nothing is final yet unless they win the next few games, which will qualify them for the playoffs. The task falls largely to both Whisenhunt and Warner, but this shouldn’t be all that difficult to pull off if the team is truly out to make history again.

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