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When the dick is hard, the brain is soft (Yiddish proverb)

Warriors become poets, leaders kneel in front of their wives, and geeks start using the computer with slow internet.

The best ladies know this secret. Therefore, men revolve around them as the planets revolve around the sun. They make men speak the sweetest words by keeping their brains soft all the time. Her smile, dresses, attitude, and energy turn men into “Yes, Mom!” robots

Some women think that men are sexual objects and that there is a gun hidden inside their pants that works 24/7. Just light the fire and run for your life.

This is not the whole truth. I partially agree with you, but I will not blame the men. This is because men’s priorities are different. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They prefer sex over love. It is your default psychology. And that’s where they always make the mistake.

For women, the series is like this: Smile, Conversation, Feelings, Love, Romance and Sex. Now of course this series is brilliant (I’m not crazy to disagree), but it tortures a man’s patience. It’s like inviting a wrestler into the ring, and instead of fighting, you teach him to salsa dance.

Do not let him enter the ring

If you wish, you will have the right to have sexual intercourse.

Communication, romance and love. Their places are outside the ring. You can’t bring these things into the ‘Sex’ ring. If you do, the situation will get complicated. He won’t understand that he should watch a movie alone, or not at all, at night in his bed.

This will also baffle your man. He won’t get what you really want. He will be trapped and go into a coma.

You should always give him clear instructions if you want a secure, happy, long-term relationship. This will give you two special benefits.

First, he will love you for it. Because he doesn’t know exactly what to do. By clarifying the instructions, you will relax your feelings, ease your anxiety, and eliminate misunderstandings.

Second, you will have the opportunity to test their patience. If he moves well according to your instructions, he deserves your love and attention. But, if he doesn’t move in your direction and forcefully tries to have sex, he probably wasn’t born for you.

When a man truly loves someone, emotions become more valuable to him than sex. Even if you tell him to wait for you for 1000 days, he will. His wishes will always be his top priorities.

Now, don’t try to prove his love for you by forcing him to wear pink slippers and bubble print shirts. This would be totally unfair.

love has stages

I have a friend who is always dealing with problems in her relationships. Due to her ego, she wasn’t interested in any kind of advice. According to her, if there is true love, you do not need any advice or advice.

On the other hand, I always differed from her in this way of thinking. Because I believed that love has stages. If today you are at the beginner stage, tomorrow you have to move your love to the intermediate stage, and after that, you need to stand like a champion at the expert stage of love. You definitely need tips, suggestions and ideas for love to grow in the most beautiful way.

You can’t keep standing at the beginner level all your life. You have to improve yourself, your lover and your love, constantly. And for that, you will have to keep learning new tricks and tips so that you can not only keep his brain smooth but also turn temporary love into eternal love.

5 ways

Here are the top 5 ways to keep your brain smooth.

(1) Semi-public places are best for romantic or naughty conversations. For example: Museums, Stranger’s Garden, Cinema, Fields, Cruise Boat and Elevators.

(2) Playful thumb wrestling. Especially, if he is your friend and you want to make him your lover. This game is not only safe, but also helps you stay in his thoughts for a long time.

(3) Sexy underwear, short skirts, underwear and sexy makeup are the best weapons of the best ladies. These things are exclusively designed for men’s eyes and keep their brains smooth all the time.

(4) What is your characteristic perfume?

(5) Daily stimulate your no. 1 erogenous zone – her Eyes. You can do this in several ways. For example, playfully dance in front of him, ask him to teach you something, take naughty photos with him, and show your every expression clearly. Men love your expressions.

What is your seduction strategy?

I have a friend who says: “If there is no seduction, there is no love.” I feel that it is true. Because it keeps the brain soft and excites the feelings of love.

Seduction is in all its forms. It is in real time. It’s in photos. It’s in memories. Cavemen used to draw their love on stones and walls. Kings used to paint pictures of their queens.

And today, “husbands keep their wives’ photos inside their wallets.”

Any girl can seduce a man. It is easy. But, what matters is your ‘Strategy’. If you seduce your husband’s feelings every day, he will adore you all his life.

Because when your brain is soft, you don’t want to introduce anything negative into the relationship. Her brain is full of positive and happy feelings. She just wants to enjoy the anthem of love all day, day by day.

In the end, I want to say that it was surprising to me to learn that more than 80% of women use sex to get their men to help them around the house. This ratio was quite a bit higher, more than I expected. And I was thinking, if women focus more on their seduction strategy instead of focusing on giving sex right away, the whole game can easily change… Instead of worrying about housework, they can live like the “Best Ladies” of this planet.

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