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VTOL anti-paparazzi drones are considered

Obviously, the rich and famous have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi. You see, famous people need media attention to boost their fame, but they also want privacy, which is why they cause a serious case of “cheat 22” in their professional and personal lives. Recently our group of experts started looking at all of this and determined that it might be a way around this challenge, so let’s take a look at some of the solutions to this in the future, shall we?

First, we contemplated the use of VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that could go and grab micro-aerial vehicles or paparazzi model helicopter platform MAVs and retrieve and order them to bypass personal privacy and space. aerial of famous person. In other words, a larger UAV would take over the smaller, paparazzi-owned MAV just like a hawk captures other birds in mid-flight. Once the MAV was taken prisoner, the paparazzi would lose a significant amount of dollars, movies, hardware, therefore they would think twice next time.

Another option would be to have a VTOL MAV owned by the rich and famous symbolic person who would walk up and take the photo of the paparazzi following them to hand it over to the police; for example, you would take your photos and match your face with Facebook’s “FRT” or facial recognition technologies. Which means that the paparazzi were now the victim and not the famous person. That may or may not fly in court, but it was at least a thought.

An even more intriguing concept was discussed in our think tank, whereby, a very large VTOL UAV would just grab the paparazzi and pick them up and drop them off somewhere. For example, if they are in Malibu, drop them in the Malibu lagoon, or take them 100 yards into the surf and let them go about 35 feet above the water, fully clothed, with camera gear. Their electronics would be toasted, and if they are using regular film it would also be ruined by the salt water.

“All is fair in love and war,” as they say, and since the paparazzi know no limits, why should the rich follow the standard rules of society? Now for the most expensive part of this equation; namely, the cost of drones – a large UAV that could lift and overload a human would have to be big and strong like a prehistoric pterodactyl, and well, that could cost almost a million dollars or more for the robotic version, like It would.You need all those sensors so you don’t hurt the person when you grab them and drop them.

A rich and famous person could pay this, of course, for that amount of money one could simply double the paparazzi pay to be left alone or hire a bodyguard to hunt them down and make a citizen arrest. Small UAVs could easily cost less than $ 40,000 and would suffice, as noted above. So there are still plenty of options available, so consider all of this.

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