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Stretching – Increase height to be a model

So you want to be a model? Does stretching increase height and help you become a model? Models weren’t born to have long legs and a slim body. Being a model requires discipline, perseverance and hard work. Models get their long, sexy body through diet, sleep, and exercise. Yes, these are the three main factors that contribute to your perfect body. In this article, we are going to focus on how stretching increases height and makes your dreams of becoming a model come true.

Stretching is the ideal exercise for models because it tones the muscles without bulking them up. Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and other Victoria’s Secret top models spend a lot of time stretching to achieve the perfect model height. You can see these gorgeous ladies on TV all the time doing some yoga or just doing basic stretching exercises.

The good thing about stretching is that it doesn’t have to be rigorous. You can get the benefits of stretching just by doing it 20 minutes a day and the results will appear as soon as 3 weeks. In addition to making you taller, stretching also makes your body more flexible and your muscles firm. It will also help improve your body posture, which helps make you look taller. The stretch makes you beautiful in whatever you wear. With a long and sexy physique, you can wear just about anything and stand out. Your friends will also start to envy you because you will get more attention from guys and numerous professional opportunities will start knocking at your door.

Stretching increases height because it expands our spinal cord and also builds our muscles and other bones. Several studies have shown that specific stretching exercises or activities can increase a person’s height. For example, women of the Karen tribe located in Thailand place brass rings around their necks when they were young. Rings are gradually added to lengthen her neck. Reports say their necks would grow 10 to 15 inches. This is the result of stretching the neck and vertebrae. Now, you don’t have to wear brass rings to add inches to your height. What you need to do is develop a stretching routine and stick to it.

Yoga exercises, which are another form of stretching, increase height without worrying about side effects. You don’t even have to spend money on equipment or medications that claim to increase height. There will be no surgeries or needles to worry about. Yoga stretching increases height because it targets the spine and specific muscle groups.

Although genetics is the main factor in how tall you will be, stretching increases height by up to 6 inches. Even if your parents are not very tall, stretching will help you fulfill your dreams of being a model. Results may vary from person to person, but if you follow your stretching routines consistently, you will really see an improvement in your body.

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