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Scott Alexander Book Review – Rhinoceros Success

The Rhinoceros Success book is an excellent read. The entire book is illustrated with true, factual and revealing stories.

The amazing authors of this book are Scott Alexander. Mr. Alexander wrote a series of books on Rhino when he was twenty-three years old: Rhino Success, Advanced Rhinocerology, and Rhinocerotic Relativity. These three books have sold more than two million copies.

Mr. Alexander is now a world-renowned speaker. He has traveled the world presenting his unique and humorous philosophy of success and motivation. During his career he has been involved in businesses as diverse as African arts, fossils and music.

I was introduced to Mr. Alexander at a major function in the year 2000. This book is one hundred and twenty-two pages packed with great information to guide you into the attitude you will need to be successful in owning your own business. Mr. Alexander mixes serious points with hilarious humor to lighten things up.

I read this book in a matter of a few minutes in less than an hour or so. When I was done, he explained a lot about Attitude and how to help others with theirs. As soon as I finished reading it, the only thing on my mind was to somehow get in front of Mr. Alexander to dig into his brain even more and, of course, sign my book.

Well, on the covers of this Rhinoceros Success book you’ll find things like: Rhino Training, How to Be a Rhino in Every Aspect of Your Life, and Prepare for Rhino Trouble.

In the Rhino Training section you will find that it is all in your MIND. The most important ingredient to being an effective Rhino is your ATTITUDE. By fixing your attitude you can declare that you are a Rhino. There are two sayings you should say to yourself: I am a rhinoceros! I have a fucking torpedo spirit! I am full of energy and can’t wait to wake up in the morning to start charging! The second saying goes like this: I am a successful owner (your business name) who has generated a full-time income for myself and helped (your group number) succeed in business and in life. By repeating these two sayings every morning, you train your mind and set your attitude right for the rest of the day.

In the chapter How to be a Rhino in all aspects of your life, you will find six main areas of your life that will benefit greatly from adopting the Rhino attitude and they are: family, finances, work or business, physically, socially and above all. spiritually. Mr. Alexander told us a joke to remind us that you are a Rhino all the time, not just when you take on special projects. The joke went something like this: “Do you know how to make Rhinos float? Root beer, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a scoop of Rhino!”

In the last chapter I picked is Be Prepared for Rhino Problems. Regardless of who you are or how much money you have or don’t have, you’re going to run into trouble. The difference is in the way people handle problems that have a Rhino attitude. Most of the problems that would stop other people in their tracks don’t even eliminate a person with a Rhino attitude. The Rhino folks attach the problem and do whatever it takes to fix the problem, fix it, and move on. Looking at the look of an internet marketer or any other business owner issues are a good sign. Problems are a sign of progress and your business is growing and moving forward. So, as a Rhino, you’ll have to be really good at solving problems.

Bottom line: This book is a must for everyone’s business book library. If you’re looking to achieve more and have better balance in all areas of your life, this is a must-read for achieving the Rhino attitude.

Just remember: we are all on a journey to achieve our goals and dreams in life. Make sure that while you are on that trip you are living life to the fullest and most of all having fun while doing it!

Written by: Mark Wezyk

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