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Prince Malchezaar’s fight in the Karazhan case in World of Warcraft

Prince Malchezaar is the last fight in the Karazhan instance. This is a fight that involves stamina and good luck. Here’s how to do it.

Set up

First, you want your entire raid to be at the entrance just inside the door. The tank will place it along the wall, just within the healing range, with its back to the wall. Have a hunter spin the tracking Elementals so the raid knows where the boss will land.

The fight

To start the fight, have a hunter divert Prince Malchezaar to the tank. Everyone must deal damage to him from a distance, even melee players. The prince has three phases. The first is the easiest to cure. During this phase, attack the tank without weapons and cast internal summons that last 180 seconds. They are stationary and perform an area of ​​effect spell, or AoE, that can be avoided. They cannot die. Enfeeble is one of Prince Malchezaar’s other spells during phase one. Will reduce some of the raid members to 1 health for 8 seconds. If they hit you during this time, you will die. After it disappears, your health returns to where it was before the spell hit you.

Shadow Nova is another AoE that deals 3000 damage to everyone in it. For this reason, the tank should be the only player around Prince Malchezaar when using Shadow Nova. He will use Shadow Word Pain on whoever is highest on the threat list. This deals 1500 shadow damage per tick and cannot be reflected. However, it should dissipate. During phase two, Prince Malchezaar hits harder, but can be disarmed. At this stage, he switches to Dueling and no longer casts Shadow Word Pain. He will cast Sunder Armor and Cleave during this phase. During phase three, Prince Malchezaar no longer cuts, breaks armor, or weakens.

Hey Will cast the Shadow Word Pain, yet. He also uses fly axes that randomly rotate towards players in the raid and must be healed. It will summon interns at a much higher speed and deal damage on random people in the raid. Members of the raid will be able to kill Prince Malchezaar once he reaches this phase. To learn more about World of Warcraft strategies, try reading the Team Idemise guide.

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