Personal improvement with satellite TV

People argue that watching television leads to obesity and generally laziness. While watching television can sometimes lull a person into a comatose state of consciousness, it can also serve as motivation for someone to change in order to improve their quality of life. This paradoxical relationship stems from the content of what is shown on television. The media has always focused on the young, beautiful things and people of our society, with actors and models rarely really reflecting what the average population is like. The introduction of reality television also introduced the presence of real people being broadcast in the homes of their peers, allowing people to finally see someone they could more easily identify with than entering directly through their satellite television. . Beyond just having real people on television, self-improvement programs have also been developed. While society in general has pressured people to want to strive for irrational goals of personal appearance, shows that feature real people trying to achieve achievable goals for improvement serve as much greater inspiration to the general public.

Reality TV puts people with real flaws in front of the rest of us, allowing their blemishes to remain clearly in HD pending our judgment. TV shows like “The Biggest Loser,” featuring a less-than-charming pun in the title, feature severely overweight people trying to make a healthy change. While it’s still a competition, as the title suggests, the show’s core idea is quite inspiring, as people break long-standing debilitating habits in favor of a healthier routine. The impact of programs of this nature is more profound because you see real people change before your eyes over a period of time, not just a commercial for some product in which someone “magically” loses weight by taking a special pill. The public observes how these people follow the advice that is being given and feel compelled to apply it in their lives. The process is not usually glamorous or easy, but that adds to the reality of the experience and the ability of the audience to relate and imagine themselves in the shoes of the competitors. Watching people get up, be active, and make a change can serve as motivation for those at home to stop considering their daily schedule of watching NFL Sunday Ticket football games as their sport of the day and really get out there and get moving.

Along with shows that demonstrate self-improvement, the marketing surrounding these shows can also be helpful to viewers. While quick fix commercials and other scams may find their way into the rotation, other proper eating and exercise programs can also be found in commercials. The more information people receive, the more likely they are to find a personally appropriate approach to change and improve their lives. Spending a life sitting and admiring HDTV in the living room is definitely not the path to a healthy lifestyle, but it also does not condemn a person to a life of obesity and hopelessness. Inspiration for change can come from anywhere, even what some believe is the most unlikely place.

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