Colothin weight loss pill

There are many diet pills that claim to cleanse the colon of bodily toxins. Some colon cleansing diet pills use false information and are in their advertising with the intention of misleading ignorant users. Due to the high demand, many manufacturers have created diet pills that use harmful chemicals to reduce costs. These harmful substances can cause illness and possibly […]

You’re paying almost 40% more for your video games

If you look at how video games were sold 20 years ago, you can see how drastically different things are now compared to the past. It used to be simple; developers create a game for people to enjoy and sell it for a starting price that depreciates over time depending on how well the game is received. Critically acclaimed releases […]

Grooming a Pomeranian – Tips for a Speedy Dog!

Pomeranians are one of the most difficult dogs to keep clean and well cared for. The problem is the hair, more specifically, the amount of hair! It is everywhere! The truth is, whether we like it or not, pom poms need to be groomed regularly. The coat should be bathed and brushed for your Pomeranian to smell good and to […]

Amazon Prime Twitch Digital Games

What do you get with your Amazon Prime membership? You get Twitch which is a popular online service for video games, digital video broadcasts, artwork creation livestreams, music, talk shows, and occasional TV shows. Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon; is owned by Twitch Interactive, I love all the free entertainment that comes from my Prime Membership. Twitch, which allows […]

The iPhone repair industry still booming

The iPhone repair industry has shaken up the world of the typical repair technician. It has become something that older generation computer repair folks can learn and start offering in their businesses to keep them current and on the cutting edge of tech repair. Some people say there is a window. Some people say that it will be available for […]