Pentecostals: a religion of fools and holy rollers or a rebirth of faith?

Amy is cheerful, full of laughter and love, and is always ready to tackle difficult discussions about religion, society, politics, literature, or anything else. She reads a lot, stays informed, and enjoys intellectual retorts. He also listens with understanding and speaks warmly rather than arguing religious ideas and principles that may differ from others. Amy is from Virginia, the home […]

Yoga exercise for pregnant women

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are anxiously waiting for your unborn child to come out into the world in a few months. How about you consider doing some yoga? Medical research has shown that pregnant working women tend to find labor pains bearable and can give birth without much pain or discomfort. It is a proven method. Yoga is an […]

Are we reincarnated or recycled after death?

Most of us have read different opinions about death and what happens after death. But there is no positive proof of the existence of souls, immortals karma, reincarnation or any other spiritual life. I have nothing but respect for different points of view based on religion, science or logic. But eventually truth and understanding will set us free. Not my […]

Don’t sell your house, make it rent!

Instead of selling your residence to buy another home, you can decide not to sell your residence and convert it to rental property. In this case, the next home you buy and live in once again qualifies you for the lowest owner-occupied loan rate. This approach also makes it easier to make repairs to the rental home because, having lived […]

How Reddit lets people decide your marketing success

Reddit is a social bookmarking / link sharing site in the vein of Digg or StumbleUpon. However, more than this, it is an aggregated content site where you can find content voted at the top by other users and therefore selected for its popularity among the community. It was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, roommates and students at […]