Outdoor PvP in Nagrand

Another of the many new battlefields located in the heart of Outland is Nagrand. It is considered one of the most important strongholds for either faction and is therefore a highly contested and popular battlefield. Keeping the city means using NPCs and special vendors in the area, similar to other battlefields. This particular PvP location involves taking control of the city from the faction that controls the city at any given time. Doing so involves forcibly defeating the entire city. However, there are numerous Wyvern outposts located around the city that allow players to bombard the city from above.

Attacking the city

For traditional ground attacks, the city can be accessed from one of the four bridges. However, at the end of these bridges there are very high level NPC guards who automatically side with whatever faction controls the city. There are 15 of these guards in total that must be defeated to take control of the city. Due to the strength of these NPCs, most of the time careful strategy is required before charging into the city.

Usually the first step is a good bombing of the city. Each firebomb deals 900-1100 damage in an AOE and a player receives 8 firebombs to use with each Wyvern flight. The bombs themselves only damage NPC guards and players of the opposite faction.

Guards will eventually respawn after being defeated, but there is a five minute gap between spawning and only one guard can respawn in that period of time. This means that within 30 minutes, only 6 guards were able to respawn. After all 15 guards are defeated, the timer increases to one hour, giving the attackers enough time to take over the city.

Taking the city

After all 15 guards have been dispatched, the attacking force can begin the process of taking the city. The general process is very similar to Hellfire Peninsula. The only objective is to have more attacking players in the city than defenders for a period of time long enough to take control. Once this is done, the city returns to the attacker’s control and when the guards reappear, they will fight for the new faction.

Rewards for defeat

After defeating and taking control of the city, the other NPCs in the city also become friends with your faction. The NPC researcher wants you to collect crystal dust for him which he will reward with Halaa Research Tokens which in turn can be used to purchase items from another NPC vendor in the area. Also, you get Halaa battle tokens by defeating other players in PvP battles.

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