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Online MLM Distributors – Learn Offline Strategies and Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

All online MLM distributors should consider incorporating offline strategies to promote their business online, because it is another avenue of income. Many people we pass by every day may be looking for the opportunity that you have. What would happen if Google, social networks or blogs did not exist? What would you do? Being creative offline is still just as important as using online media.

Offline marketing must contribute a minimum of 10% to your online MLM distributor business. As an online MLM distributor, you must always market even when you are not online. The people around you physically may want to know about the product or service you provide. You never know, you may be the help someone needs. Offline strategies are extremely effective and can increase your online MLM business income by up to 30% or more.

One particular strategy offers seven amazing techniques, which are extremely effective and will bring amazing results for your business. This strategy is called Drop Card Marketing. It’s a fun and subtle way to promote your MLM distributor business online. Drop Cards look like $5, $10, $20, and $100 bills. One side is printed with your message and your website address. The $100 Drop Card is completely legal to use, as it is not an exact replica and is smaller in size than an actual bill. The $100 Drop Cards work great because they definitely draw attention.

Seven Techniques for Using Drop Cards in Your Online MLM Business

#one. The Gas Station: A folded $100 Drop Card will fit perfectly into the credit card slot at the gas pump. The next person to use that pump will have to remove it before they swipe their credit card. Trust me, when you pull a $100 bill out of that slot, you’re going to read it. And if the content of your message does not appeal to them, so what? They will probably throw it to the ground. Since it looks like $100, it won’t be long before someone sees it, picks it up and reads it, and goes to your website to check it out… BAM! – a new customer, distributor, etc. This is also a lot of fun to watch – park your car in the parking lot and just watch for the next person that pulls up at that pump. It’s a great way to be proactive with your business, while filling up your gas tank. Also remember that there is more than one pump at a gas station; and a gas station on almost every corner!

#2. Spam: Everyone gets tons of spam. A lot of that junk mail has a return envelope, and some is marked postage-paid, which means you don’t have to put a stamp on it to send it. Place a $100 deposit card inside that envelope, seal it, and mail it. There are people sitting in mail rooms across the country opening these return envelopes. Someone in that mailroom will open your envelope, see your message, and go to your website.

#3. Literature Stands: (Newspaper, Real Estate, AutoTrader, PennySaver, etc.) For Newsstands, leave your change in the machine and take out the entire stack of papers and insert your $100 delivery card between the first pages of each newspaper . Do the same at the free literature booths; sliding the letters between the pages of the books. Someone will read that newspaper and drop a $100 Drop Card… And someone else will visit your website.

#4. Sky Mall Magazine – If you fly a lot, then you are familiar with Sky Mall Magazine on airplanes. Insert a $100 delivery card; you never know where it might end up or who might visit your website.

#5. The Bookstore: financial self-help books, financial/money-oriented magazines, etc. they are a great place to insert your Drop Cards. For example, place Drop Cards on books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich”; right in the middle. Imagine the reaction of the person who is reading that book when they drop the Drop Card…

#6. Hotels: When leaving a tip for your servers, include a $100 Drop Card with the tip.

#7. Restaurants – This also works great with waiters and waitresses, bartenders, etc. (Remember, leave a decent tip if you’re going to put in a $100 Drop Card.)

These are just a few suggested ways to use Drop Card Marketing. This is a successful marketing technique that you can use to grow your online MLM distribution business while grocery shopping, at a concert, at a sporting event, just “drop” them or place them strategically. Use your imagination, be creative; The possibilities are endless. Remember, always do marketing.

Sometimes a great idea needs to be shared with others and this strategy should definitely do it, especially since it has proven itself. Drop Card Marketing is extremely effective, will create a new avenue of income for your online MLM business, and can be used wherever you go.

Using this simple strategy to drive offline traffic to your online MLM business will generate new leads and new distributors for you in no time.

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