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How to turn every FSBO listing into at least 2 additional closed sales

Working with one FSBO vendor can be very rewarding, but once we’re done with that list, we need and want to work with more FSBO vendors. You can turn each FSBO seller into more closed transactions by following several repeatable steps on each and every transaction that will uncover more FSBO sellers and bring you buyers for your other properties.

More FSBO listings by helping a FSBO seller

Often it is one piece of valuable information that is shared with a seller or buyer that puts them on the verge of deciding to work with you. One of the most powerful ways to get more FSBO listings very quickly is by taking just 1 FSBO listing. If it works properly, 1 FSBO listing can become 5 or more FSBO listings very quickly.

This can be done by making sure to share the experience with as many people as possible. Some immediate ways to pick up FSBO inventory are the following actions:

  • Call all your current FSBO prospects and share: That’s right, share with them that you are helping one of “theirs”. FSBOs often like to stick together and if they know you are helping one of their “own” this will allow you to get additional FSBO listings.
  • Update your website with the new FSBO listing – Whether you have a blog or a website, let the world know that you are helping a new FSBO seller. Be sure to tell the “story” of how it all happened.
  • Have the FSBO seller log a “Why I chose to list” message – do this as quickly as possible in the relationship with the FSBO. Ask them to record it into a system that allows you to put it on the Internet so even more people can hear it. At the very least, it should be recorded on a hotline that people can call and listen to.

Unlock the power of buying leads on FSBO properties

Buyers are often overlooked as many real estate agents see them as a “nuisance”, but the reality is that they are necessary to close a real estate transaction. Even if you don’t want to work with buyers, you can always recommend them. In all of your FSBO listings, I would recommend the following to generate more buying leads:

Toll Free Hotline – People love to call these hotlines even today to find out where the technology is so they can hear about the property and what the property details are.

Text to Phone Service – These services are becoming popular now and give buyers the ability to send text messages, using their cell phone, for information about a property. This allows buyers to quickly and easily view property details and the agent receives the users cell phone number for follow up.

Of the buying leads you generate, there are at least 1, if not 2, buyers in the pool who will buy within 60 days, as long as you follow up with them.

FSBO listings can be hard to come by if you don’t follow a system and pattern for success. I recommend that all my agents treat each FSBO like gold and not only help that FSBO salesperson, but also find other highly motivated clients that they can help in the next 60 days.

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