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How to grow taller: the science behind microfractures and growing taller

Many of you want to know how to grow taller quickly and one of the many things you may see popping up is the term micro fractures. These are really important when it comes to increasing your height and if you didn’t understand them before, you will finally understand how microfractures can help you answer the question of “how to increase my height” because knowing is half the right battle. ?

What are microfractures?

Microfractures are small fractures that are made in the bone (when it comes to growing taller, it is usually the shin). These fractures are caused by a lot of stress on the bone from exercise, constantly carrying a heavy load, or simply from long walks that you are not used to.

These can also occur in the muscles (minor tears) when they are also overworked or overstretched.

They are dangerous?

They are not dangerous at all, microfractures are a warning sign for you that you are working your body too much, for example, when running, this term is known as leg cramps, stress caused by running faster or for a longer distance longer than your body. I used to do it. You can usually feel them if you don’t give your body a break.

If you keep pushing and don’t rest, you will end up hurting yourself more than necessary, which is why rest and diet are vital for your body to recover and heal.

The healing process

The way that microfractures can benefit us is that when you don’t over train them and get proper rest while eating properly, your body will repair them and make them not only stronger but longer as well, and you can tell how beneficial this is by looking at how. increase your height.

How to apply with Growing Taller

When it comes to growing taller, what you’ll want to do is perform specific exercises that will create microfractures in your shins and stretch your thighs as well.

The main exercises used are sprinting and cycling, but there are many others that you can use sucking such as kicking a punching bag and jumping rope. As you can see, all of these put stress on the shin and will create all the necessary microfractures.

IMPORTANT – Rest and diet

As mentioned above, one of the things to remember is that your body will need both rest and the correct diet so that it can properly recover and become much stronger when needed.

You should have rest days where the most intense activity you do is stretching these areas of your body and you want to make sure you feed your body protein and calcium as these are great nutrients when it comes to bone building and shrinking. recovery time and will help you grow faster as well.

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