How to earn extra money instantly

At this point in my career, I classify making money online into two categories. Either you need to earn some extra money right now or you are looking for an ongoing income from something like a home business.

You can even turn that into residual income if you’re smart about it. Let’s take a look at creating easy income and then making money right away.

Residual income is something that will pay you over and over again for doing the job one time. A money making website could do this. You develop it and get visitors from the thousands of links pointing to your website. There are many people online right now making money on websites that they created 5 or even 10 years ago.

Two-tier affiliate marketing programs and multi-level marketing are also great ways to generate residual income. They pay you for the work of the people you recruit. This is a beautiful concept and I am very supportive of it.

What if you need to earn some extra money right now? Can you really do that on the internet? Yes, but you have to configure it correctly. Here’s a way to do it.

1. You need a PayPal account that you can get on

2. Once you have one, get a PayPal debit card too.

3. Sell your own products on your website with a PayPal order button. This way, every time someone makes a purchase, they have immediate cash that they can access with their PayPal debit card.

4. Sell suitable private label products that provide you with a PayPal URL. This is really cool. Let’s say you buy a report that comes configured to give you a PayPal URL. This is the address of your website that you can promote.

Every time someone buys the report, the money immediately goes into your PayPal account and gives you cash that you can access in seconds. A smart way to do this is to buy your own domain name and redirect it to your new PayPal URL. In this way, to begin with, it appears that the product is yours.

5. Join affiliate programs that offer instant commissions. This is not the norm, as you will normally be paid in the month following your sales. But I have started to see it happen and I predict that you will see more of this in the future.

You get the idea. The key is being able to access your cash immediately after making a sale. This is why having a PayPal debit card is great. You can use it like a Visa or Mastercard and you can access cash at ATMs around the world.

If your goal is to generate residual income, then work on that. If you need to earn some extra money right now, now you know the basics of one way to do it.

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