How to develop a taxi application that everyone likes?

Taxi enthusiasts, fleet owners and taxi operators aiming to reinvent and redefine the used taxi market by taking a spin on their daily taxi services that everyone would love, here are five bold features thought of by heart, we bet on. all other passengers lives for:

1. Allow the passenger to request a ride for a loved one

Imagine your routine taxi app customer’s mother doesn’t have a smartphone, can’t drive on her own, and is limited to transportation options. Concerned about his mobility, wouldn’t a son look for a solution that could help him request transportation for his mother?

Solution: Create a feature that allows the customer to request a ride for their family or friend on their behalf when setting their destination and pickup point. In this process, the driver can access the phone number and name of the passengers and the customer can trace the route of the drivers.

2. Enable a travel tracker for the family

Everyone wants peace of mind when one of their family members is commuting. They just want to make sure that their loved ones have arrived safely. They are constantly looking for a suitable solution to help them stay informed where their loved ones and those close to them are going.

Solution: Creating a family travel tracker allows users to follow the map whenever someone travels under their family profile. Uber recently launched this feature that automatically notifies family members with their ride details and shows the ride progress live on the map.

3. Offer real-time support

Who doesn’t want a safe and reliable transportation option?

For example, if it happens, a driver suddenly deviates from the usual route and the cyclist panics. But for your support, you immediately get a call from the taxi assistance team just to make sure you are okay, as the driver had changed the designated route. A sigh of relief inevitably comes!

Lesson: Make sure your taxi app has a panic button for any unfortunate incidents or mishaps, so that in the event of an emergency your taxi support team can immediately take safety measures to rescue passengers. In addition, it is equally important to create a solution that can give an alarm to notify the support team in case of any irregular activity during the trip, such as route changes, network discards or any other technical downtime, and alerts the team. for you to take quick action. .

4. Pay next time function

It can happen that a customer runs out of money and forgets their cards or, worse, gets stranded in a deserted place. He waves his hand in traffic to get the elevator, but he gets no help.

How cool could it be, if you can press a button on your phone, the taxi app opens, you enter your location, and voila, the app tells you that the taxi is on its way to you and it will arrive in a few minutes. . There is no need to pay in cash, as the app allows you to borrow money with the flexibility to pay it off next time.

Solution: The Borrow Money feature in the app can help customers pay money later when they stop in an unsolicited circumstance.

5. Say no to price increases and dynamic prices

Almost all ride-sharing companies and taxis have their own associated problems, one of which is rising prices. Not unheard of from the fact that even customers worry and rage about rates, how rewarding would it be if the company paid incentives to drivers in case of high demands?

Solution: It cannot be denied, it is quite understood that it is almost impossible for a brand in all cases to offer incentives, as it can be a huge loss in the case of normal “high demand” situations.

But setting a bar for once in blue moon situations such as a snowstorm, an armed hostage crisis, heavy rains, etc. And keeping them out of the price hike can increase your brand prestige and therefore conversions.

Final thought: If you want people to come to you, you have to give them a reason to choose you over the sea of ​​other competitors out there. Get away from aunt’s long career and traditional marketing tactics. HUMANIZE your brand because people respond to people.

Can you find any other loopholes in today’s taxi or rideshare economy? Share with us!

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